Looking back scorers incredible challenge of Ramos:

In Real Madrid's 3-1 win get ahead Eibar defender Sergio Ramos captain not only good defense mission commander, he also directly put his name on the score board.

Dumbfounded Ramos ran 70m 12 seconds scored for Real, up a record Super 34
Ramos celebrates with teammates (Image Source: Internet)

Ramos celebrates with teammates

Specifically, in situations increasing the lead to 2-0 for Real, Spain defender has successfully stole the ball shot from rival home side. After this situation, he dribbles confidently forward Karim Benzema and ball. Then when Eden Hazard received the ball and create, Ramos was infiltrator penalty and make notes of the rest before the net drum.

When starting phase initiated attacks was 29 minutes 35 seconds and finished off in the 29th minute as 47 seconds desk, a total Ramos has done the task scored in a mere 12 seconds. This is clearly a perfect situation of the captain midfielder side "white vultures".

But not only that, a doubling of Ramos took him into history became defender scored most goals La Liga. With 67 goals, Ramos was far ahead of the legendary Fernando Hierro ranked behind as (51) and Roberto Carlos (46).

Spain midfielder deserves to be considered a defender capable of the most outstanding offensive history. 117 goals in his career is a testament, it is even more than the combination of five Liverpool players including Van Dijk 45 goals, Alexander-Arnold 16, Robertson 18, 27 and Joe Gomez 1 Fabinho.

Dumbfounded Ramos ran 70m 12 seconds scored for Real, up a record Super 34
Circumstances that led to goals from Ramos (Image Source: Internet)

Circumstances that led to goals from Ramos

Ramos's record is done wonderful way in the day that Real Madrid won 3-1 to teachers and students Zidane Eibar continue clinging to Barcelona in La Liga championship race.