This morning, Borussia Dortmund has just been 1-1 by Lazio on the home field in the framework of the Fufa Champions League table. The German Ruhr regional team had a goal to open the 44th minute of Guerreiro's minutes but Immobile equalized Lazio from the penalty spot in the second half. This result is still enough Dortmund to take the right to continue due to the third ranked team Club Brugge tra 3 points and wins both confrontation.

Haaland suddenly absent from Dortmund's competition list

However, coach Lucien Favre couldn't be happy when she had to watch the news about the pet erling Haaland. According to the official announcement from Dortmund Club just before the match against Lazio, the Norwegian talented talented Norwegian injury in the recent training session and had to leave the pitch at least 4 weeks here.

Coach Lucien Favre himself confirmed this during the press conference after the match. "Haaland is hard to play back before January. Perhaps he probably had to play too much. At first we thought it was just a small injury but he couldn't play at this time. "

This injury comes at the time of Erling Haaland with a very high form. The Norwegian striker had 17 goals after 14 appearances for Dortmund during the 2020/21 season, including 6 goals in the Champions League, the highest tournament in turn 5 rounds.

Dortmund suddenly welcomed Haaland injury, Barca easily robbed with cheap prices
Haaland is likely to lose the lead "scorer" in the Champions League (Photo source: Internet)

Haaland is likely to lose the lead "scorer" in the Champions League

However, the current Marcus Rashford and Alvaro Morata rose by Haaland's achievement with the same 6 goals. The Norwegian striker is likely to be lagging in the "C1 Cup" title race when he has to take a break for the whole round of the table.

On another way, Jadon Sancho was not used by coach Lucien Favre when he was absent from Haaland erling. The British midfielder could only enter the field for the last 15 minutes in the match against Lazio and did not leave too much impressions.

Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho are the two players of Dortmund often mentioned on the most transferred market, Sancho last summer has continuously contacted MU. Recently, Spain's newspapers news many of Barcelona's future presidents promised to recruit Erling Haaland to make "gifts" launched.

Even a source said Dortmund could lose Haaland for Barca at a price of only 70 million euros, while Barca will pay a fee of about 90 million euros in which 20 million is a brokerage fee for its own "super stork" Mino Raiola. If you sell Haaland at that price, it will be a country where the interest for Dortmund, when they can ask for a more money.