To start the new season, Borussia Dortmund have a friendly match with the club Austria Wien (Austria). Coach Lucien Favre decided to launch lineup includes many young players like Giovanni Reyna, Immanuel Pherai or Ansgar Knauff to test squad. Despite this, the German club are still the ones holding the ball.

Giovanni Reyna opened the scoring early match (Image Source: Internet)

Giovanni Reyna opened the scoring early game

Shortly after 8 minutes, Giovanni Reyna very good advantage of the mistake of the defenders and took the lightning stopped, opened the scoring in the match. Talented young American finished brace after 22 minutes with a shot flipped the ball easily accessible hooked skillful heel shock of teammates.

Austria Wien surprise desks to reduce the score after 33 minutes exactly headed by Christoph Monschein. However, Dortmund has grown isolated from playing off the desk and Raphael Guerreiro 41 minutes before the first half ended, the score was raised to 4-1. Prepared for Dortmund this time of Immanuel Pherai.

Into the second half, coach Favre has some adjustments and Jadon star Sancho came on. England midfielder almost immediately set a goal with an exquisite finish. However, only a minute after Austria Wien unexpected extra of an equalizer by Jukic.

Sancho just entered the game in the second half but quickly proved bravery (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho just entered the game in the second half but quickly proved bravery

The next minute, respectively Emre Can (65 '), Wol (73'), T. Hazard (76 '), Bellingham (77'), Duman (81 '), Schulz (86') merits for Dortmund to the match ended with the score 11-2 bold.

Sancho contribute 3 tectonics of this goal and showed his importance in the team's current Dortmund. England midfielder is receiving many rumors that are about to move to Manchester United play with 108 million pounds.

This is the 2nd time in a few days, the German club caused ratio "horrific". Earlier, Bayern Munich led Barcelona to get the most humiliating defeat in Champions League history when buffeted rival with the score 8-2.