Manchester United and Chelsea and many other big ambition evident Jadon Sancho recruited in summer 2020 fair here. Themselves talented youngster also wish to repatriate to play. But Dortmund managing the team does not think so.

Dortmund impishly pushed Sancho, MU - Chelsea hit the white flag?
Sancho was voted Goal sheet is the best young player in 2019 (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho was voted Goal sheet is the best young player in 2019

Sancho contract with the field team westfalenstadion longer deadline to March 6/2022. Basically Dortmund in circumstances not forced to sell, and often players have only 1 year new contract may force current club. But the problem is that, freed contract fee of Sancho now not big enough to make the big guns must be discouraged. Therefore, the action immediately Dortmund trenchant.

Sources from the Daily Mail revealed, Dortmund ready to extend one-year contract with the British Daystar, thereby retaining the summer Sancho Sancho 2023. Remuneration will naturally improve, number 7 of the field Signal Iduna Park will receive wage 9m / season, up 2.5 times compared with the current. This number also helps Sancho becoming the high-income 2nd in club.

Increased 2.5 times salary, responsibility and the difficult terms also took Jadon Sancho siege. The focus of this contract is the provision Dortmund increased liberation break the contract, can be up to 200 million pounds, even hitting 300 million pounds.

Jadon Sancho is one of the brightest talents of England. Winger born in 2000 out playing extremely explosive in Dortmund. This season, players wore No. 7 golf westfalenstadion contributed 14 goals and 16 is created after 23 rounds in the Bundesliga. Sancho was highly appreciated by the play speed, technique and ability diverse crossbar. He can play well on either side of the corridor, but also willing to role-play a number 9, if necessary.

Daily Mail confirmed coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is very "to" Jordan Sancho, and want to turn the gem of English football would become "the new Ryan Giggs' Manchester United. Thus, the Old Trafford side are willing to spend 80 million pounds - on par with fees Golden Ball Ronaldo - the world transfer record in 2009, to have the services of "Neymar England".

According to calculations by the Research Center for International Sport (CIES Football Observatory), Jadon Sancho's player high value 5th in the world, estimated at 145 million pounds, after Kylian Mbappe (203 million pounds), Mohamed Salah (200 million pounds), Raheem Sterling (190 million pounds) and Lionel Messi (153 million pounds).

As of the date of 24/4, the statistics page and appraisal valuation Transfermarkt players Sancho 105 million pounds, higher than both superstars like Lionel Messi (100 million pounds), Antoine Griezmann (86.4 million pounds), Pogba, Van Dijk, Sane, Felix or Hazard (all at 72 million pounds).