As of now, the Champions League is still within 1/8 to 4 pairs of stone not play the return leg, including Barca - Napoli, Manchester City - Real Madrid, Juventus - Lyon and Bayern Munich - Chelsea.

Disclose date outage C1 back, find champions in 22 days
Champions League to change the law (Image Source: Internet)

Champions League rules change

To determine the four names left in the quarter-finals, UEFA must also think a lot of caps. Because according to the disclosure of the press, UEFA are looking to finish the tournament in August with a frequency of 3 days per game.

Specifically, the Champions League will start back on January 7/8 and story competitions could count on 29/8 finals. Sky Sports sources on Italian newspaper revealed, 2 match between Lyon - Juventus, Barcelona - Napoli will be two matches took place on 7 and 8 August.

In addition, the UEFA Champions League may change the mode of competition is organizing the tournament quarterfinals, semifinals with one turn knockout knockout on neutral ground.

The only one leg will be reduced from 13 games to 7 games in each league (from the quarter-finals). UEFA will also not difficult to organize the tournament in this way, because they had organized Nations League finals Manner above.

This is the plan most likely to help season the Champions League this year to find out the champion, despite changes little about the mode of competition, but the season can still be completed and provided that ensures fair for clubs to attend.

As known, the final season this year will be held in Istanbul (Turkey). Shortly after finding champions Champions League 2019 - 2020, the Champions League match of the season 2020 - 2021 will begin to start on August 20/10.