"99% Sarri left Juventus last season"

Luca Momblano - Italian sports writer of The Top 24 confirmed Calcio Maurizio Sarri "99% will leave Juventus last season." Not only offends stars like Ronaldo, strategist 61, also two members of the leadership team Juventus - Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved "hot eye" for achievement go down, as well as the mouthpiece controversy last time.

Direct Soccer Bologna - Juventus: Danilo red card (timeout)
Sarri no future at Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Sarri no future at Juventus

Even by Luca Momblano, strategist adept legendary Fabio Capello Andrea Pirlo and could return to Juventus served as head coach and assistant coach.

Sarri could be fired for offending Ronaldo

Italy coach Sarri media that does not create an atmosphere of comfort and maintain form for Cristiano Ronaldo. Share on form Portuguese star coach Maurizio Sarri voiced explains: "He is not possible condition and the best sharpness, as well as the other players."

Recently, she Ronaldo - Elma Aveiro criticized the tactics of Juventus captain: "You can do more? That's why my boys can not do it yourself wonders. I do not understand how you can play like that. "These signs indicate Sarri very likely to leave this summer seats now.

Prey called Bologna

Tonight, the team from Turin only encounter with Bologna - who was defeated in the nearest 8 times. No exaggeration to say that, while not yet regained the top level, his game Sarri too lucky as they only have to deal with Bologna in this round. Must emphasize Bologna is experiencing instant circuit not win 3 games, which lost 2.

3 points fingertips

What though Juventus are Serie A lead, which they won 9 of 11 recent games. No exaggeration to say that in Serie A, they are still a "bogeyman". Bologna before a bad game, the defense is pretty bad property while conceding 42 goals, the worst in the team in the Top 10, the pupils of coach Sarri entirely likely get all 3 points. Despite recent away performances of Juventus also not good when only won 1, drew 1 and lost the remaining 3 of 5 past Sunday's trip.

Worrying away

Juventus is the most losing team away in the top 4 in Serie A. They have fallen 3 times away from home, while Lazio and Inter have lost two matches, while Atalanta lost 1 matches.