La Liga champions Real are about: Ramos 6 pack abs showing extreme, beautiful, much less what Ronaldo

Before the big moment of the season as Real Madrid Villarreal win tonight simply as La Liga champions would 2019/20 season early first round, Sergio Ramos bounce Instagram personal page photo showing her beautiful body much less former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Fever photograph on Instagram account with tracking 39.6 million Real Madrid captain.

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Sergio Ramos showed off toned body and tattoos his outstanding (Image Source: Internet)

Sergio Ramos showed off toned body and tattoos his outstanding

Real invincible on home soil

Real still completely invincible at home in La Liga this season, with a record 14 wins and 4 draws. Moreover, Villarreal also not challenge many potential hazards. The visitors all hope to break into the Top 4, due to poor Sevilla 2 9 points before the last round. Yet, the Yellow Submarine also showing signs of shortness of breath, with the closest loser 2/3 rounds, including 1-2 defeat at home before Sociedad at 36 and the match 1-4 defeat to Barca in college ring 34.

Tireless efforts

To be closer to the finish line tonight, Real had to tireless efforts. Since the pandemic Covid-19, Real storm through spectacular with nine consecutive victories. As coach Zinedine Zidane once said, every game will be a "final" that Real have to fight with all the new generator could win. In fact, most of the recent victory of Real are not easy. They just pass the opponents in recent games with 6/7 minimum ratio, as before Granada in the previous round (2-1).