Wolves are hard

Wolves no longer maintained stability. Even in weak opponents like Burnley, "wolves" cannot win even for only 1 point, but then they are outstanding to hold Tottenham. It can be seen that this is also the third defeat after 4 matches of coach Nuno Espirito Santo with the students, so hopefully having a point in the operation of the operation to the "Theater of dreams" also became far away quite far away.

Mu dreams of the second goal: "The gift" means goodbye in 2020?

The 2-2 draw against Leicester City did not make MU from the top 4 teams leading the Premier League. Good news was also consecutively to the teachers of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when competitors like Leicester, Chelsea co-bronze was held in 2 matches early round 16.

Direct football MU - Wolverhampton: Rashford hero shines about 90 + 3 minutes (run out of time)
MU decided to win the second place before closing to 2020 (Photo source: Internet)

MU decided to win the second place before closing in 2020

If Wolverhampton wins last tonight, "Red Devils" will cross both Everton and Leicester City to occupy the second place with 30 points after 15 matches (there is a unpacked match with Burnley). This is a meaningful year-end gift with Solsa and students after a fluctuating year.

Hazard from "wolf flocks"

In the Premier League this season, Wolves won both Arsenal and Chelsea with a 2-1 result, as well as to catch Tottenham scoring points. Two matches against Mu last season in the Premier League, the yellow-black team - the West Midlands region held the teacher Solskjaer.