MU decided to create "owl poker" victory over Chelsea

2019/20 season, Manchester United was the most terrifying moment of Chelsea's fine when the "Reds" complete victory in Game 3 against Mr. Frank Lampard at the front, including 4-0 and 2-0 victories in round 1 and round 26 Premier League and a 2-1 win in round 4 League Cup (League Cup). Calculated by extension, from October 2018 until now, Manchester United are unbeaten in the first 6 times for Chelsea in all arenas.

Direct football MU - Chelsea:
Chelsea lost to Manchester United in the third full-time meeting between them this season in the Premiership and League Cup (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea lost to Manchester United in the third full-time meeting between them this season in the Premiership and League Cup

Army coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are on a 19-match unbeaten run in a row and they are expected to win the "owl poker" (four consecutive wins) before Chelsea's Lampard to win tickets to the FA Cup final this year confrontation Arsenal - who beat Manchester City 2-0 also shocked champions at Wembley in the first semifinal.

"Using force against enemy leisurely fatigue", Chelsea have been satisfied?

Theoretically, Chelsea have an advantage over Manchester United thanks to a rest more than 2 days. However, in an anonymous match knock-out as the FA Cup semi-final, this advantage is quite vague, because the spirit and the new mount is the most important. Consider 2 factors, M.U par Chelsea. Not to mention, the fact that both 2 teams tend to "exhausting" the pillars in recent years, and it is difficult to stay 1-2 days can make a big difference.

In terms of forces, both sides quite well balanced. MU lost while Luke Shaw, Chelsea no N'Golo Kante. These are two very important players in the system of the 2 teams. MU has become fragile to see the loss of Shaw in two recent games see Southampton and Crystal Palace. Similarly, "The Blues" lack of safety when used to replace Kante Jorginho midfielder position.

Bung best to "momentum" top 4 race

An interesting point is that Manchester United and Chelsea are to fight for the top four positions in the Premier League. They will have to calculate very carefully for the game tonight. This was the semi-finals, and both sides are just the first title with their coaches - Ole Solskjaer and 2 match Frank Lampard.

Manchester United and Chelsea likely will hit the strongest team play, and then, things are very difficult to predict. In a match peak nature knockout, when the two sides were too understand each other, the end result will probably depend on the moment of the stars and ... the referee. In this respect, M.U are marginally better.