"The Kop" will continue to roam?

With the advantage of taking tickets to the Knock-out round early before 2 matches, Liverpool understands that they have the right to test the squad as well as keep the other arenas at the Champions League group this season. That's probably the reason "The Kop" receives a surprise 0-2 at home at Atalanta in the previous match.

Direct football Midtjylland - Liverpool: Minamino is stripped of the goal (run out of time)
Midtjylland is easy to surprise Liverpool (Photo source: Internet)

Midtjylland is easy to surprise Liverpool

Midtjylland's operation trip to Denmark to encounter Midtjylland's home team is likely to become a "roaming" teacher of Jurgen Klopp coach.

In fact, the force is heavily affected by injury does not allow the German personality strategist who can put much expectations in the upcoming strength. Therefore, it will not be too surprised if Liverpool continues to receive a negative result in front of the team officially being eliminated as Midtjylland.