Pirlo explained the cause of Messi decline

Lionel Messi has gone through the early stages of the 2020/21 season, and itself his uncertainty (scoring 7 goals / 13 matches in every arena) is partly leading to Barca's notable achievement in La Liga. According to coach Andrea Pirlo, the events in the summer transfer (go - in Barca) have affected the m10 psychology.

"Messi is entering a special stage not only of his career but also his life. He experienced many things in the summer transfer period, related to the go - in Barca and perhaps, the problem of psychology instability Have greatly affected his performance, "said Pirlo.

Ronaldo waiting to break "caught" before Messi in the Champions League

With 132 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo is of course the greatest striker in the Champions League history. However, CR7 often proved ungainly every time he encountered the rival Lionel Messi in the top prestigious arena in Europe. According to statistics, the superstar duo met 5 times, Messi scored 3 goals (winning 2 matches) and Ronaldo's achievement was just a round 0 (win 1 match).

Direct football Barcelona - Juventus: Messi helpless (run out of time)
Ronaldo is Messi when confronting the Champions League directly (Photo: Internet)

Ronaldo is Messi when confronting the Champions League directly

KoEman, Pirlo Choose Ronaldo or Messi better?

During the press conference in advance, both coach Ronald Koeman (Barca) and Andrea Pirlo (Juventus) were asked the reporter questions: "Ronaldo and Messi, who is better?". However, the two strategists have to make acknowledge not to identify this.

"Don't judge Ronaldo or Messi better because they are amazing, I admire both for what they have brought to us: goals, titles and too many good things," coach Koeman announced.

"Koeman is not wrong. Ronaldo or Messi is better than not the right thing. They made millions of football fans hit and we have to thank them instead of comparison," coach Pirlo agreed with his colleague.

Two face of Barca

Barca has just spent a big shock. In the last weekend in La Liga, the Catalunya team surprised to lose on the CADIZ's new rival with a score of 1-2. That disappointing result made Barca drop to the 9th place in the BXH, with 12 points to the top of the Atletico table.

However, the bowl in La Liga and almost all hope to play the championship, but Barca plays very impressive in the Champions League. After 5 matches, they won and soon won the ticket to the knock-out round. Since Juventus also won the right to continue, the war with Barca tonight only means the top of the top spot.

In the first leg, Barca won 2-0 in persuasion right on Juve's courtyard. But perhaps now, they have no mind to think about the competition with the Italian rival due to concentrating their strength to reorganize the situation in La Liga.

Great opportunity for Juventus

In the context of the enemy, Juventus has a complete opportunity to win right at Nou Camp. The goal of demanding the debt in the turn is greater, when this time they have the service of the Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Must repeat that, in the first leg, the Portuguese player was absent from being infected with Covid-19.

In the past, "Song close" Ronaldo - Morata of Juventus was familiar with battles at Nou Camp due to many years of launching in La Liga. Therefore, they will definitely not be overwhelmed in Barcelona. If the Catalunya team holder continues to play as badly as in a recent loss of 1-2 before Cadiz, it is likely that they will be punished by Ronaldo - Morata of Juve.