Internal green opaque, hard Barca win

Barcelona will have the welcome Atletico Madrid in the context they encounter too many problems both on and off the pitch. Camp Nou side are facing the risk of being overtaken Real Madrid and La Liga became the former King. Besides, the situation of the Barca dressing room is also very stressful when coach Quique Setien lost voice and spirit are a lot of teams in heavy criticism.

Direct football Barcelona - Atletico Madrid: The last minute stress (End of period)
Messi whether to revive Barcelona in the most difficult time? (Image Source: Internet)

Messi whether to revive Barcelona in the most difficult time?

Internal troubles in the form recently was not really good, the ability to get all 3 points of the home team is almost the very small, especially when the opponent is an Atletico Madrid always proved combative and full of difficult bear in every match between the "big" La Liga.

The guests Atletico are playing relatively well after returning from breaks than 3 months. In contrast, Barcelona revealing the face of a lack of vitality and collective problems. Themselves their No.1 striker Lionel Messi is also not up to top form once "were duds" in three consecutive games. Difficulties are great with Barca and they will need to demonstrate the ambition of a "king", if you want to continue chasing Real in the championship race this year.