Argentina beat Bolivia

Absent Dybala Aguero and Messi again "fall team"?

Argentina will be without Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero due to injury, besides Marcos and Juan Acuna Foyth also absent this time. However Ángel Di María has come back to help the effort to attack Messi - Ocampos - Lautaro, and goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez can catch the main interest will be awarded by the high style for Aston Villa.

Direct football Argentina - Paraguay: The effort failed (Timeout)
Aguero, Messi Dybala can not support war in this match (Image Source: Internet)

Aguero, Messi Dybala can not support war in this match

"Reagent" high dose Paraguay

Argentina start quite struggling World Cup qualifiers in South America. Them thanks to a penalty from Lionel Messi to overcome Ecuador and Bolivia have retrograde beat. Argentina, along with Brazil's current 2 teams have won the first two matches respectively, Argentina temporarily lower due to insufficient numbers stand.

The opposite side, Paraguay is a formidable competitor for Argentina in recent years, 3 recent games met Argentine Republic 2 lose 1, which draws in the Copa America last year that Argentina need to Messi scored from the spot 11m to win the first points in the group stage. So it promises to be not an easy game for "La Albiceleste".