Opportunity to occupy Real Madrid

With 26 points after 13 matches, Real Madrid is only in the top of the Atletico Madrid table with 3 points. Therefore, if he defeated Eibar on the upcoming trip, Zidane's teachers will capture the first place from the same city team by gaining a better confrontation (La Liga considering the confrontation to rank if 2 teams with each other).

Direct Eibar football - Real Madrid: Vasquez assigns the match (out of hours)
Real Madrid towards 3 full points before Eibar (Photo source: Internet)

Real Madrid towards 3 points full before Eibar

It was obviously a huge motivation for the Spanish royal team to decide to determine the society with Eibar. The home team is not likely to be bullied when owning a recent 5-match chain in La Liga. However, among them, there are 4 draws and thing to harmonize Eibar only in position 13th.

In contrast, Real Madrid surpassed the schedule quite difficult in the last 3 weeks with a full range of 9 points in front of difficult opponents playing like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. The confidence of the capital representation is therefore also huge. Therefore, 3 points will be Real Madrid's non-possible goal in the upcoming match.