It would be plentiful and extremely narrow, if it was always inductive all what Diego Armando Maradona brought to the football planet into the "Lord's hand", mixed with a poisoning against the British defense 1986 or "teary blue shirt" Italian finale 1990.

He is a wonderful and higher entity than that many times, when mixing his 60-year life into football as well as turning football into his 60-year life, to become a permanent symbol Hang.

Diego Maradona: In Vinh Hang echo
A instinct, a kind of life, a unique life. (Photo source: Internet)

A instinct, a kind of life, a unique life.

1. Argentina has been looking to find a replacement of Maradona for 26 years, since he is permanently left the No. 10 shirt, and is more important than Los AlbiCelestes's captain, since the dark shock Atteller nose at the 1994 World Cup.

Many people came and went away, from Marcelo Gallardo via Pablo Aimar to Juan Roman Riquelme, to Carlos Tevez and Lionel Messi. But that space not only is not filled, which seems to become more and more hun.

Nearly three decades, unable to say that the Generates Jobs Nobody has enough skills to do what Diego Maradona has danced every school in the 1980s and 1990s. The dizzying steps of technology and science have made everything much easier for talents, especially Lionel Messi-style talents.

However, it seems that all those who are waiting to successfully successfully "Diego divine" still lacks something. Another "god" exceeds the framework of simple movements. Lighting (sometimes sparkling colorful colors) of an instinct, a life style, a unique life.

Diego Maradona: In Vinh Hang echo
Diego Maradona and the goal of "Lord's hand" (Photo source: Internet)

Diego Maradona and the goal of "Lord's hand"

2. Try not to put Messi next to Maradona. Instead, put Buruchaga, Valdano of Mexico 86 or Claudio Caniggia of Italia 90, next to the Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero or Paulo Dybala of the present time. The obvious difference is not large, if not to say that the names of the XXI century are still superior in many respects.

So, the question is how Diego Maradona can go to his spectacular teammates so spectacularly, with a cleaning pass for Buruchaga to fix the 1986 Mexican finale, in front of instant pressure The chest that the West Germans are on the whole Aztec school bridge with a horrified "drooping mud"?

How in the circle of Brazilian yellow shadows - Candidate No. 1 World Cup 1990, Maradona can be passed "My best pass" for Caniggia to escape like a sword, stabbing Claudio Taffarel Temple, bringing a cripple Argentina continuing to advance to the finals?

Sparkling moments on top of that peak can only be created by a factor: bravery. Things to strain from personality do not accept any framework.

Diego Maradona: In Vinh Hang echo
The most beautiful pass of Maradona's life (Photo source: Internet)

The most beautiful pass of Maradona's life

3. Running from what happens on and around the pitch, we have a relatively exact sketch of Maradona people. Simple, no one can anticipate what he will do. Maybe amazing things. May be tragedy.

As if he ruined himself in the perverted and shady relationships with Mafia Napoli. As the way he drowned his whole country into sadness, and made his teammate completely lost their way, when he was positive with stimulants in the 1994 World Cup.

That year, perhaps the first time he was led a strong Los Albicelestes, with a series of perfect preparations on nine. Crystal of the collective consisting of Batistuta, Caniggia, Sensini, Ortega, Redondo exceeded the teammates in the 1986 magical journey, and the conquest of sad 1990.

The Argentina won the two-match bamboos. However, after Maradona was forced to sit outside, there was no miracle, even without any vitality flashed anymore. In turn, Bulgaria of Stoichkov and Romania of Hagi mocked them.

Diego Maradona: In Vinh Hang echo
Maradona when detected positive with stimulants in the 1994 World Cup (Photo source: Internet)

Maradona when detected positive with stimulants in the 1994 World Cup

Reply from that 1994 World Cup, so far, I can still see the general image of the Argentine team. When there is Maradona and when no Maradona is the two completely different color arrays, even opposite. Even though, he was always there, watching the loving team from the stands (and unconsciously causing the gaze of suffocating by his stature).

It is not known that when the country has produced a new one with enough ego to attract all and overshadowed all, including opponents, so. As a saint, a demon, a normal person, the Savior, is a crime ... to the next generations can only be seen that he plays the ball through the tape sections can also Understand: Mr. Me or the whole world is not only by skill, but with all the rabies of a human life.