By one day, it will happen, but this is still a shocking event of Argentina. Every South American news and news agents reported that Football Legend Diego Armando Maradona, died at age 60.

Diego Maradona from the ceiling at the age of 60, Argentina 3 days of Quoc Tang
Diego Armando Maradona from the ceiling at age 60 (Photo source: Internet)

Diego Armando Maradona from the ceiling at the age of 60

The 1986 World Cup champion died on Wednesday, November 25, according to local time. He was living in a house in the San Andres area in the city of Buenos Aires, where he rested after making emergency brain surgery because of a head of a ham. He lost at the age of 60, turning a new age on October 30, after a heart attack.

The Argentina government announced the start of 3 tribute to Maradona and will appeal national rituals for heroes of home football. Argentina newspapers reported with the literacy, Clarin deleted all photos in other posts on the homepage, leaving only Maradona's photo in the article announcing his death.

Born in Lanus, Buenos Aires in 1960, Diego Maradona was famous at Argentinos Junior Club before gaining glory in a short season for Boca Juniors. He has 2 seasons for Barcelona after the 1982 World Cup, but the peak of the career of the "Yellow Boy" until he left Nou Camp to join Napoli, bringing the South Italy team to 2 Championships Serie A, 1 Coppa Italia and 1 UEFA Cup.

But Maradona's name will remember forever because of the 1986 World Cup. To set foot in Mexico, it has not yet faded the painful memory of the Red Card in the 1982 World Cup, "The Golden Boy" has the greatest performance in history World Cup, bringing Argentina to the final and defeat West Germany in extra time.

Most memorable was the quarterfinals against England, the match he scored both Argentina's tables in victory 2-1. The first table is a hand to hold the ball into the net across the face of the referee that has been named "the Lord's hand", but the second goal is a solo from the middle of the field, passing 5 players and goalkeeper Peter Shilton to score, voted by FIFA is the best goal of every World Cup and the goal of the twentieth century.

Owning a lifestyle and use of drugs & alcohol, Maradona has many health problems from retirement. He struggled with obesity and experienced the most decipher in 2007 when he had to emergency due to hepatitis because of excessive alcohol. In early 2019, he had to do surgery to cure the herniation after an internal bleeding.