At this end of this week, MU will welcome Man City on Old Trafford's home in the focal point of the 12th Premier League. The army of Coach Solskjaer was having a small disadvantage before the strike encountered the rival with the city.

Derby Battle of Manchester: MU in adversely before Man City?
Pep Guardiola has the advantage before the confrontation with Solskjaer (Photo source: Internet)

Pep Guardiola has the advantage before the confrontation with Solskjaer

Mu has just received a 2-3 defeat against Leipzig in the last match of the Champions League group, thereby officially removed from the tournament and accepted down to play in Europa League. It was the match that coach Solskjaer had to launch a squad with the best players he had in his hand like Bruno Fernandes, Maguire, Rashford.

Another star of MU is that Pogba is only launched in the 61st minute and bringing a goal to shorten the score. However, the psychology of the French midfielder was affected a lot after his representative, Mino Raiola announced that this player's time in Old Trafford was coming to an end.

In contrast, Coach Pep Guardiola has stored many pillars in Manchester City's 3-0 victory over Marseille in the last match of the Champions League Table Battle so soon won the ticket to continue. Star No. 1 Kevin de Bruyne and striker Gabriel Jesus gets a break, Sterling points to the field in the second half.

Meanwhile, Sergio Aguero, the most scored the most goals in Man City history, was released to regain the shadow of nearly 30 minutes at the end of the match after a long time to treat injury.

The strength of the Champions League will definitely make MU pillars not to have the best condition when returning to welcome Man City. Besides, the psychology of "Red Devils" is not good after being excluded from the tournament. However, Coach Pep Guardiola rejected that point of view and stressed that there was no advantage for Man City.

The Spanish strategist said: "I'm sure it's a derby, we will focus and this means that the players will not feel tired, completely the opposite. I will say we are in a good time.

We are better than a month ago but that's normal. Without preparation, there is no time, it happens to normal. It is important that we are no longer away from the leading position and have passed the Champions League group. This is important. Now we want to continue that. "

MU and Man City are both quite good at the Premier League in the past time. Four consecutive victories helped "red demons" rise to 5th place on the rankings, less than 5 points compared to the team leading Tottenham. Meanwhile, Man City ranked right behind MU with a less point and both Manchester teams were still playing less than the above rivals.