On The Football Show on SkySports channels earlier this week, the former central defender Jamie Carragher has had an incredibly question "preposterous" for "rivals" Gary Neville. Carragher was asked about United's current form through the ancient whether the "Reds" always get help from the referees.

Jamie Carragher is currently a commentator SkySports (Image Source: Internet)

Jamie Carragher is currently a commentator SkySports

"Do you think the reason MU current decline is because Ferguson no longer intervene in the decisions of the referee again?" - Jamie Carragher calmly ask former colleagues Gary Neville. After presenter David Jones and Patrick Davison reporters laughed, Jamie Carragher also reiterated: "No kidding. I asked a serious way."

Gary Neville could not hide indignation before the question of the former Liverpool star. "I think this is a libel that Jamie. What do you think that we can win in a row by influence or buy the referee anyway?" - Former Manchester United defender countered.

"Oh, so how does a team champions fell down to No. 7, No. 8, if not before they have a coach to know how to referees threaten you?" - Jamie Carragher responded and Ferguson hinted the one who acts on the referee to help United to benefit.

Liverpool legend MU factor "buy" referees (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool legend MU factor "buy" arbitration

Then Jamie Carragher gave up their personal pages to admit that he only meant joke and want to create a "wave" for the program more attractive. However, the explanation that the former England midfielder made not many supporters.

The work has "touched" an extremely heavy on images of Manchester United and manager Sir Alex Ferguson great. Leadership personally SkySports channels sent a warning message about this behavior Carragher. Popular TV channels England did not want to wave of criticism was widespread and they quickly organized a meeting to agree on the punishment for a Liverpool spirit.

Sir Alex repeatedly complained to the decision of the arbitrator (Image Source: Internet)

Sir Alex repeatedly complained to the decision of the referee

Former captain of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson's military rulers the most successful in the history of Manchester United to put this team to glory with 38 titles, including 13 title in the Premier League on lasting dynasty to his 26 years.

At the same time lead the "Reds", Sir Alex's reputation as a coach has great influence both on and off the pitch. He used repeatedly English Football Association FA spokesman warned about the action or influence referees in each game of MU.

Nevertheless, the Scottish strategy has always received the respect and awe from many colleagues as well as the famous star. Therefore, given the incident spokeswoman Carragher inappropriate Liverpool are making the former star left a bitter taste from the public and professionals.