Recently, The Manchester United Athletic midfielder Scott McTominay elected as "the best young player of the season" (for players 23 years or younger). Although the Premier League is delayed by pandemic Covid-19, but the impressive contribution of McTominay deserves the honor, though it came at a time when myself this player will be hard to live received awards for being self-isolation at home.

Defeat Rashford,
McTominay grows significantly when given the opportunity (Image Source: Internet)

McTominay grows significantly when given the opportunity

McTominay is excellent product of Manchester United youth academy. He was discovered and breaking into the first team, "Reds" under coach Jose Mourinho. You strategist Portuguese particularly impressive in its ability to regulate poultry and game rhythm of McTominay.

Mourinho was not disappointed, current national team star Scotland quickly develop the ability and significant progress. He is widely known as the "new Roy Keane" by the home side at Old Trafford. To coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær takeover, McTominay continues to show he is one of the reliable midfielder despite playing in any public scheme.

Star academy from mature MU is playing very well

The height 1m93 help McTominay extremely dangerous in the combat phase. In addition, the strategic thinking intelligence, the ability to select excellent position along the long shot left out midfielder born in 1996 was particularly effective in situations picked up the ball on the outside area 16m50 and launched the challenge "ferocious" towards the opponent's goal.

In the Premier League as of this moment, despite having plenty McTominay injury but was still able to play 20 games for United. He also has to his 4 goals and 1 line is created. "He always played excellent and mature rapidly as players have 10 years experience in team 1 so" - Nemanja Matic, one of the midfield interception Europe's top individual comment about "junior "in an interview.

McTominay pass Rashford deserved win prizes

Clearly, with what was shown, McTominay promises will go far, especially when the "lungs" of MU played alongside many top stars like Paul Pogba or Bruno Fernandes. Award "Young players best season" of Man United that The Athletic for he is entirely worthy, in the context of a young star excellence equally Marcus Rashford sidelined too much for injury injuries this season.