DT Spain had an extremely difficult game when facing Germany Tel right at first legged UEFA Nations League 2020/21 group stage. "The tank deck" possessed extremely young squad but quality. Enrique teachers and coaches have to wait until the 90th minute + 6 new goals to come away with a valuable point.

De Gea climax: 7 times brilliant saves,
De Gea goalkeeper had a great game or (Image Source: Internet)

De Gea goalkeeper had a great game or

Gaya was scored "precious as gold" for DT Spain goalkeeper De Gea, but the new player to be honored as "Player of the Match". Goalkeeper who plays for Manchester United has had great performances or those saves cause people to "chisel" admiration.

Even in the first minute, Germany Tel offensive line has extremely sharp. Right-tested KEHRER goalkeeper first Spaniard to reach the first phase but De reviews Gea was timely reflection. Three minutes later, Draxler took ultrafast crossbar and goalkeeper insurance but born in 1990 and equally fast to tackle "Power flashed" by foot.

Sane Leroy De Gea continued successfully test immediately afterwards with a shot off the crossbar forte but the Spanish goalkeeper is still the winner. Not until minute 51, who plays for Manchester United goalkeeper into the net under a new caddy after playing off of Werner. Germany striker had too much time and space to shot De Gea should not have the opportunity to make a clearance.

De Gea trenchant statement sent to Dean Henderson

With perennial battle experience, De Gea was undeterred by the goal and continued to firm support for the team. Werner set lap, Emre Can definitely narrow or Toni Kroos corner "ferocious" remote can not win the excellence of De Gea.

It is the fact this goalkeeper has helped Spain Tel stand through the most difficult stage of the game. According to statistical arbitrage Whoscored, De Gea has had a total of 7 successful tackles in this match. Therefore, no wonder this goalkeeper was the highest scoring match.

De Gea is gradually removed by the "bite" a bad game when the capped. Earlier, the regular goalkeeper did not play well, even mistakes that Spain conceded Tel. This is also a good sign for the hosts when De Gea to Old Trafford has rediscovered the inherent performance. The arrival of Dean Henderson seems to create a driving force for this player.

Recently, the British prime "declaration of war" with De Gea after a contract extension with the "Reds". However, if it was the Spaniards themselves or like this competition, the Dean Henderson difficult to compete with the seniors.