2 situation is created for De Bruyne is not counted in the Premiership 2019/20

In Manchester City's 5-0 win over Norwich in the Premier League within 38 recently, De Bruyne is the author of 2 goals and 1 line is created for Raheem Sterling merits, thereby leveling record 20 tectonic phase in a Premiership season was Thierry Henry statue holding.

De Bruyne winning
Phase ball at the Emirates (Image Source: Internet)

Phase ball at the Emirates

However, in a shared later, De Bruyne said that actually he has surpassed the achievements that Henry achieved in the 2002/03 season in Arsenal colors. Accordingly, the midfielder was stripped 2 organizers tectonic situation for reasons of expertise.

The first situation occurred in the match at Emirates Stadium in Round 17, while Manchester City overtake Arsenal 3-0. 15 minutes, De Bruyne with thick situations broke into the penalty helped Sterling scored to make the score 2-0, but the MOF said that prior to the location of Sterling, left foot touch the ball lightly an Arsenal player.

De Bruyne winning
Ball challenge at the Etihad (Image Source: Internet)

Phase ball at Etihad

The second scenario also occurred against Arsenal at Etihad confrontation on the field at 28, where Manchester City win 3 goals also isolated. 2nd stoppage of the 1st half, a ball of De Bruyne open thigh hit David Luiz then gave Sterling, enabling the midfielder stopped exactly at the corner of the narrow, opened the scoring in the match.

Talk about this story, De Bruyne said: "I have added 2 more tectonic results - but he took me and hour of complaints I still am. But I think I've overcome Thierry. I need the team, obviously I need them to get the shot is created, and I am happy to do so ".

This is the second time De Bruyne received the title King of the Premier League is created. Before that, he had won the award with 16 in season 2017/18 tectonic phase. In total, since 2015 jacket Man City midfielder was born in 1991 66 times the "indirect" for teammates and scored 36 goals in the Premiership. When he played for Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga in the 2014/15 season, De Bruyne ever reached level 20 times tectonics.

The endless creative possibilities of De Bruyne of the midfield to help Manchester City also surpassed 100 goals in this season (102 goals). This is the 5th time they get 100 goals or more in a league of England. Earlier that season, 1936/37, 1957/58, 2013/14 and 2017/18.