Belgian newspaper Het share Laatste Nieuws on, Kevin De Bruyne admits he may have to consider parting Man City if this team can not appeal banned 2 years in the Champions League. Man City UEFA previously been punished for violating the law concerning financial fair. De Bruyne, 28 years old this year, is considered to be the name of The Citizens and the key is still 3 years in the current contract.

De Bruyne most expensive City history, wants to leave when there was ice Cup C1
De Bruyne is not determined based on the dynamics of Pep Guardiola (Image Source: Internet)

De Bruyne is not determined based on the dynamics of Pep Guardiola

Age was the reason De Bruyne proved afraid to think of this suspension. Unless Manchester City can overturn the situation, otherwise Belgian star can only take him out of the Champions League when aged 30. "The club told us that they will appeal and they convinced 100% that they are right ", De Bruyne said.

"I just said to wait only. I believe my team. Once the decision from UEFA is given, I will review everything. Sure would be very long two years, in the case of 1 year, then I can consider. I need a challenge to do the best. The things come is come".

Still, De Bruyne Man City also makes the fans more relieved that his decision had nothing to Pep Guardiola. Strategist Spaniard likely will leave Manchester City after his contract expiring in the next year and not think that De Bruyne is why he stirs.

"I will not let their decisions depend on what Pep did. Of course I worked with another coach and if Pep go, I have to continue working with a different coach. But I do not care much about it at this point, there are other things more important. "

Premiership are currently suspended due to the spread of Covid-19. Talking about plans to end the season this year, De Bruyne said: "My feeling is that we can be set back in the next 2 weeks. Financial issues of utmost importance in the Premiership. If the season can not end, it will cause serious problems. "

If Man City to take De Bruyne in the period ahead, things will be very difficult because it signaled a mass exodus. De Bruyne is the most expensive deal team history Etihad Stadium, when he landed Manchester City from Wolfsburg at a price of 76 million euros. This season, he is leading the list of the best tectonic foot in the Premier League and is the strong candidate for the title of best player of the PFA.

The most expensive squad Manchester City's history due to the transfer site recently listed Transfermarkt cost up to 604.6 million euros. Three players are the cheapest of Sergio Aguero, Fernandinho, Ederson (with 40 million euros). De Bruyne expensive after respectively Rodri (70 million euros), Riyad Mahrez (67.8 million euros), Joao Cancelo Aymeric Laporte (with 65 million euros) and Raheem Sterling (63.7 million euros).

The most expensive squad Manchester City history

De Bruyne most expensive City history, wants to leave when there was ice Cup C1
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