According to the Evening Standard, investors, headed by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Arabs were present in the city of Manchester in the summer of last year, to negotiate the acquisition of Manchester United from the Glazer family.

To offer up to 4.5 billion pounds for the acquisition of control of the team from the Glazers, Prince Arab confidence can capture the "Reds". However, the character has appeared and that the deal has fallen through at the last minute, it's chief executive Ed Woodward.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was very close to the MU (Image Source: Internet)

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was very close to MU

Ed Woodward has long become the representative for the Glazers in the management of MU. He did not have too much expertise in football but the director himself operating a home business is extremely solid. Under pressure from the huge investment funds that Arab investors made, Ed Woodward calmly to analyze the risks and benefits that US employers will get from this deal.

A quick decision is out, it is refused the offer "crisis" of the Arab investors. The cause may come from that moment MU is achieving business results record, and if accepted to sell the team, the Glazers, despite the large margin but still lost opportunity "that lays golden eggs" by potential MU entrepreneurship remains the top ten in the world.

Ed Woodward (left), who has an important voice at MU (Image Source: Internet)

Ed Woodward (left), who has an important voice at MU

Many insiders said Ed Woodward had been entrusted Glazer financial analyst and former British accountant was "advised" to Glazer decision mentioned above. Previously had news that US bosses want to end United's 15-year reign to control the team focused on other projects.

However, the presence of Ed Woodward in his capacity as CEO and Deputy Chairman of the club has changed everything. With variable MU philosophy become a "money-making machine", Ed Woodward continually bring about business results for the Glazers record. He also is said to have a voice in determining to all shopping transactions on the transfer market of the "Reds".

CEO regularly decided MU transfer plans of "Reds" (Image Source: Internet)

CEO regularly decided MU transfer plans of the "Reds"

Meanwhile after the defeat to Manchester United, Arab investors have been forced to shift to a lower target is Newcastle United and they quickly earned achievement, it is a nod of owner Mike Ashley's. The price of 300 million pounds to acquire Newcastle is clearly too small compared with £ 4.5 billion offer rejected blind. That also partly explains the brand value and business capabilities extreme "crisis" of Manchester United at the moment.