Week last week not luck with superstars who stepped up to confidently perform a penalty kick. Crazy is from the English Premier League, Serie A to La Liga, experts penalties as Ibrahimovic, De Bruyne, Griezmann or broken rock scrambling Vardy kicks seemed "easier to eat candy."

Crazy week of superstars: Vardy, Ibrahimovic, De Bruyne penalties ...
Ibrahimovic, Griezmann, De Bruyne and Vardy are broken penalty kick in the last week (Image Source: Internet)

Ibrahimovic, Griezmann, De Bruyne and Vardy are broken penalty kick in the last week

Kevin De Bruyne probably the most regret, because a penalty kick by diving destination that the Belgian midfielder Manchester City dropping victory in the great battle with Liverpool. Along make penalty, but Salah took the opener for Liverpool, while De Bruyne to miss the opportunity to help Manchester City win.

Jamie Vardy boundaries in between them, and he luckier De Bruyne. Because of Leicester striker was stone to 2 penalty against Wolves. Vardy successful first but not the second time keeper Rui Patrício. If this game was "flying high" drop point, Vardy will be a sinner. But luckily they hold is 1-0, so Vardy is still the hero of the King Power Stadium.

De Bruyne Similarly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic elder also become sinners AC Milan for a penalty kick 66 minutes broken stone If Zlatan success, AC Milan will have the equalizer early and can fully oriented to victory Hellas Verona. But because his penalty kick down, not until minute 90 + 3, the new Ibrahimovic atoning merits to help the team retain 1 point on home field. This result makes the top of AC Milan become wobbly in the next round.

Antoine Griezmann also fortunate. He missed a penalty after 33 minutes, but eventually beat Betis 5-2 Barcelona still and Griezmann itself also merits atonement with goal increased the lead to 2-1 in minute 49. Only thing, "Gigi" lost opportunity because 61 minutes later, Barca was penalties again. However, this time the implementation is Messi and succeeded.