Never ambition to own superstar Lionel Messi in the squad closer to PSG. Argentinian football genius is in the final contract with Barcelona, ​​and this moment doesn't seem like Messi will renew with the Nou Camp team.

Will PSG own public goods with Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo? (Photo source: Internet)

Will PSG own public goods with Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo?

Remember right after defeating Mu right at Old Trafford on December 3, Neymar Junior announced it would try to persuade to bring Lionel Messi to PSG. For a long time, Neymar affirmed that he always wanted to reunite Messi and was willing to limit himself if the Argentine man approved the Park the Prince.

Neymar Junior used to find ways to return to Nou Camp, the purpose of only one time together with Lionel Messi duo and Luis Suarez, re-establishing any MSN. However, Barcelona was unable to bring him back. Therefore, the most likely this point is still Messi to join PSG.

According to the source of the L'Equipe, PSG is insidious to contact Mr. Jorge Messi, the father and the representative of Lionel Messi's son. Like the way PSG did to take Neymar to Paris 3 years ago, Qatar owners were ready to "duplicate the bonus points" wages for Messi.

Instead of receiving a salary of 70 million Euro before tax, in the plan, this will be the Messi number received after tax. Besides, Mr. Jorge promises to put the bag of toughness. 3 years ago, because the money money was too big, Mr. Neymar Senior urged his son to leave Barca to join PSG. It can be repeated with the Messi family.

Still according to L'Quipe, PSG wants to persuade Barcelona to sell off in January 2021. The French champion understands that Man City, not them, is the parking lot but Messi itself looks forward. Therefore, if waiting until June next year, it is difficult for PSG to win this case.

Therefore, PSG can spend a little bold to persuade Barca to sell Messi, instead of losing white in the summer of next year. In addition, buying Messi January is also a terrible enhancement for PSG, helping them more confident in the Champions League Knock-Out journey 2020/21.

It would be crazy to welcome Lionel Messi in January, PSG could spread the carpet to welcome Cristiano Ronaldo in June. But this is the perspective that PSG owners attempt, and global football fans will have to Look at this team with an enchanting eye.

Still according to the source from the leading newspaper of France, President Nasser Al-Khelaifi has long admired Ronaldo, and always looks forward to bringing the Portuguese superstar to the park the prince. Just watching Ronaldo create a terrible effect in the confrontation with Messi on the Nou Camp, the Qatar bosses desire to own both of these superstars.

Currently, the European Football Federation (UEFA) has laiturate the financial fair law to stimulate European football, after the heavy influence of Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, PSG has the right to confidently paid super-terrible salaries for two superstars Messi and Ronaldo, creating a super attack, making every defense to cry when confronted.