French media last week revealed that Paris Saint-Germain accepted to star attacker left the club after Kylian Mbappe Mbappe declared its intention not to renew the contract. He joined Real Madrid and PSG ultimately did not stop, even the parties prepared to schedule negotiations.

Covid-19 football do wobble, Real just 40 million euros to buy Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe may no longer jacket PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Kylian Mbappe may no longer jacket PSG

However epidemic caused Covid-19 European football postponed and the business must take to another occasion. A deal like Mbappe promises to break the world record transfer of Neymar, but the current situation makes European football clubs reel. They have no source of income and therefore unprofitable, even facing the risk of bankruptcy.

This situation raises the issue of whether football has also appeared the "blockbuster" more than 100 million euros again when the club now can not risk spending in the context of the disease can make them Forestry poverty whenever. And the transfer occurs when players only 1-2 year contract, the club buys can cause pressure for reduced rates if the player stated intention not to renew and make managing team Bosman be lost under the law.

Mbappe the case recently that former deputies and the European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit he has expressed skepticism mixed pressing on the status of the football transfer market today. Respondents for Ouest France newspaper, he said: "One morning when translated Covid-19 finishes, football will replace the 200 million euro transfer by 30-40 million euros. Mbappe will only worth 40 million euros. "

Covid-19 football do wobble, Real just 40 million euros to buy Mbappe
Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Image Source: Internet)

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

"Who can afford to buy players with the amount of 200 million euros? This crisis is revealing the absurdity of the football market and will soon cause as a consequence of atomic attack, cause people to rebuild financial platform and adjust the rules. The club has spent a bluff over the years, they put money with the assumption that at some other time a large sum than would compensate for this investment, but the money could be epidemics wiped clean. "

French politicians have emphasized that there are now strict rules to the club from falling into jeopardy because of spending too far. "The club have been closely monitoring the financial, leagues have salary fund and to have quotas for players image rights, while the broker must be removed. Players can request a lawyer to negotiate a contract, but the broker makes the fee increase is too high while not everyone in the crowd also understand labor laws, "he commented.

"I know the club more and earn more money, but the professional leagues in the United States so that they still have to set the salary fund to prevent a pandemic, war lost revenues or owners club withdrawal run away. The football club disbanded bankruptcy and the loss will be very difficult to restore than the usual business. "

Previously made comments similar to Jaume Roures media mogul said that the "blockbuster" 100 million will no longer exist. Recently Marca also revealed from an anonymous source at Real Madrid that they "sigh" for not timely closing Mbappe service before an epidemic occurs, otherwise it would be "a disaster".