According to Daily Mail, Philippe Coutinho is impaired players most in the football world two years ago. As of now, the statistics page and appraisal valuation Transfermarkt Coutinho player only 50.4 million pounds. Thus, the Brazilian star has declined to 2/3 value against Barca when he arrived.

Coutinho returned beg Liverpool coach Klopp reunion, millions of fans divided
Coutinho's career going downhill without brakes (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho's career going downhill without brakes

Remember month 1/2018, Barcelona after many techniques using games, finally get Philippe Coutinho with fee of 145 million pounds. This number turns Coutinho become expensive player in world football 3rd, just after Neymar Junior and Kylian Mbappe.

However, the trip to the land of Catalunya shifting of Philippe Coutinho, now becomes a disaster. And now the British media reported, Coutinho recently coach Juergen Klopp contacted expressed their desire to return to former team dedicated to Liverpool.

After only 1 year and a half jacket Barca, Coutinho was "thrown" to Bayern Munich on loan together with terms of trade off. Despite playing well in Germany but Bavaria intends not enabled buyout clause, assessed that Coutinho not worthy of 92 million pounds.

Anyway in the minds of Liverpool fans, Philippe Coutinho served as their favorite name. He has 5 year period, from 2013 to 2018 caps "Red Brigade" and become the brightest star of this team. That time, Coutinho is the leading place in attack Liverpool.

Because every good kick in Liverpool should be more understandable when Coutinho fans "Red Brigade" beloved. However, not any Liverpool fans will want him to reunite former team. Evidence is next to the messages of support have also suggested that the coach Klopp should not put Coutinho back to Anfield.

Many fans think that with the way Philippe Coutinho to leave, he did not deserve to be back this team anymore. Meanwhile, did his Coutinho making machines, even against the orders of coach Klopp. Brazilian star was not pretending injury to play, as a way of pressuring the managing team.

Coutinho returned beg Liverpool coach Klopp reunion, millions of fans divided
Coutinho had a good relationship with coach Klopp (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho had a good relationship with coach Klopp

Moreover, the majority of Liverpool fans fear that the return of Coutinho will disrupt the order in which the three Salah - Mane - Firmino have together built over the years. According to the Liverpool Echo, who had a huge divergence in Liverpool fan community on the issue Coutinho back to Liverpool.

In the poll by the newspaper, the majority of Liverpool fans think the team should only Anfield Coutinho a chance in the loan deal. Liverpool fans doubt that this time nothing more Coutinho old Torres, once lost form and was not able to get back again.

And more than that, Liverpool now living very stable without the presence of Philippe Coutinho. Since the Brazilian left, Liverpool all Champions League, coming back now crowned Premiership. Factors such as Salah, Mane or Firmino this time was better than excellent reviews Coutinho.