Polished Brazilian star struggling to assert himself at Barca after arriving from Liverpool in 2018 at a price of 145 million pounds. Then he pushed to Bayern Munich on loan, and has partly regained feeling playing with 8 goals and 6 of assists may be, before the soccer tournament in Europe should pause for a pandemic Covid-19.

Coutinho put a foot to Chelsea, Barca dumping terror
Coutinho is about to return to England (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho is about to return to England

However, the performances of Coutinho has not convinced enough to buy off his Bayern at the end of this season, with a buyout clause worth 70 million pounds only. According to Sport (Spain), Chelsea has very fast hands in the deal to find cheaper rates than half the price of Barcelona bought him from Liverpool, and is completing the final step to put Coutinho returned to Britain .

Frank Lampard Chelsea boss is a fan of Coutinho and that Brazilian star would be the perfect piece to help the Blues stepped up to a new level. With the growth of Liverpool and Man City, Chelsea are five bared to recapture the "market" in the Premiership, and Coutinho will be the name can not be more appropriate, especially if the position of "10" in Chelsea still do not have a real name hierarchy.

Accordingly, Barca announced they will sit at the negotiating table with any other club 79 million pounds husband enough - less than 66 million pounds compared to the price they buy the star. The money collected will be Barca can invest to buy a striker, but one of their goals was striker Lautaro Martinez Inter Milan. In fact, Chelsea absolutely can bargain the price of Coutinho lower because they are the only team interested in the deal.

Barca side hole accepted to sell more so because they have no other choice, while if getting back to Coutinho, the Camp Nou will be an additional burden huge salary. Not to mention, style Coutinho is unlikely to be for Barca. Pandemic Covid-19 makes a down economy is also the reason why Barca can not push prices higher.

Earlier, Barca coach Quique Setien despite Coutinho also for flattering words but does not eliminate the possibility of the team will sell this player, as long as reasonable prices.