Courtois breeze shirt 1 in Real

Accordingly, on a personal Twitter page, Courtois official confirmation will wear No. 1 from the 2020/21 season. At the time of joining Real Courtois, who holds the number 1 shirt goalkeeper Keylor Navas Belgian star also wore the familiar No. 13. After Navas leave Real to PSG, Courtois continue wearing No. 13 added a season 2019/20.

Courtois receiving gifts
Courtois was also entrusted shirt 1 in Real (Image Source: Internet)

Courtois was also entrusted shirt 1 in Real

After much criticism, the season 2019/20 period is successful and memorable with Courtois. From where were many questions about the capacity, the former Atletico Madrid and Chelsea goalkeeper has proved that in the wooden frame of "Los Blancos", none outstanding and deserved by him.

Speaking about the significance of undertaking jersey No. 1 as well as future goals, goalie Belgian exclaimed: "When Real Madrid suggested I wore No. 1, I really feel honored. Be wearing No. 1 is valuable rewards to celebrate a difficult season but success has passed. I passed some added incentive to turn this shirt into great victories.

For most people, can be a surprise after 11 years of playing football, with more than 430 matches in the club level, I never wore jersey No. 1. Only in the youth team and the game, of course, with the Belgian team, but never with KRC Genk, Real Madrid, Atletico or Chelsea. Shirt number 13 for me is a lot of good memories, but now when Real offered me wearing No. 1, I felt eager to reach new successes.

Shirt No. 1 has great value in terms of symbols. No doubt, it is the nature of conventional clothes for any other goalkeeper. Next step is the real monument as Iker Casillas at Real Madrid, Ricardo Zamora, Bodo Illgner and Francisco Buyo, I am very happy to represent the greatest team in the world.

No need to hide anything when Iker Casillas is the greatest role model for me of the legendary goalkeeper. Despite parting pitch, but he is still the "No. 1" of all time in me. He was wearing jersey No. 1 when Real Madrid won the Champions League, the team brought another La Liga title, and even when he broke a few records in the history of football.

As Iker, I hope to experience this wonderful moment with the number 1 on his back and made coat both Real Madrid family proud. "