Sergio Ramos successful implementation of penalty opened the scoring after 50 minutes and this was his 68th goal in La Liga. Thus, the official Real skipper crossed as Koeman's legendary Barcelona defender to become the greatest scorer of all-time La Liga. A double victory for Real at the game last night.

Controversy: VAR bias accused Real,
Situations Benzema scored against Sociedad (Image Source: Internet)

Situations Benzema scored against Sociedad

However, the record of Ramos and Real Madrid's victory is somewhat tarnished. It is by the referee VAR created 1 situations with "problem", while recognizing goal with 70 minutes Benzema Football seems to have touched the hands of the French striker, rather than the shoulders.

With the goal increased the lead to 2-0 this much stone Real easy. Barca fans take the same example, but Origin team Catalunya unrecognized, even with Real was a goal.

Earlier, VAR is said to have also deprived of Sociedad 1-1 scoreline, with devilish hard shot Adnan Januzaj. The referee VAR also controversial when that Mikel Merino was involved in this situation, despite the harsh reaction of the players landlord.

The arbitrator's decision in favor Real Madrid is not only happening in this 30. La Liga Round 28, when the tournament returned to the post Covid-19, Toni Kroos scored 1 goal Eibar beautifully into the net. However, it seems that Benzema Vietnam before you pass the ball towards the German midfielder.

Controversy: VAR bias accused Real,
VAR accused referees are biased Real (Image Source: Internet)

VAR accused referees are biased Real

After the draw at Valencia on Saturday, 20/6, Gerrard Pique midfielder told Mundo Deportivo: "With the results of the two today, champion Barca difficult. We will try to do everything possible but I do not think Real Madrid will drop many points. "

As explained by journalist Tom Maston in The Goal, the message of Pique implicitly hinted that Barcelona are world football officials Hispanic "force" must abdicate La Liga champions, after two consecutive seasons crowned . If La Liga champions Barca 3 years, it is not conducive to this tournament because it will create boredom.

In fact, the La Liga champions Real only right 1 time in 7 years. It was the season 2016/17. During that time, Barca had to 5 times to raise the trophy, and one belongs to Atletico. So, Goal sheets are charged that an o Closing for Real, so that they become champions of La Liga 2019/20.

Controversy: VAR bias accused Real,
La Liga race is very attractive (Image Source: Internet)

La Liga race is very attractive

With Real top La Liga after 30, Barcelona have lost autonomy in the championship race. They inferior opponents of confrontation, while fixtures remaining 8 rounds heavier. 8 round him, Barca must meet Atletico Madrid and Villarreal guests. Real are also playing at home to Villarreal and Getafe when.