Barcelona rioting with superstar Lionel Messi information demanded to leave. It is the consequence of a development path is extremely bad that the team has gone through the land of Catalunya. The most obvious signs for the worse that is the appalling failure before Bayern Munich 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals this year.

Continuous shock Barca: Messi not go off Griezmann had wanted, in exchange for Felix?
Messi and Griezmann was considered no good relationship (Image Source: Internet)

Messi and Griezmann was considered no good relationship

According to information posted Marca, just days after the disaster of Barcelona defeat against Bayern Munich, Josep Maria Bartomeu President has sent to Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann swap proposal to take Joao Felix. And this could be a "blockbuster" 2020 Summer of this anymore.

Chairman Bartomeu itself is facing many pressures, asking him to resign. So daring exchange deal aimed appease the wrath of the cule, as well as a commitment to ambitious club with superstar Messi captain.

French striker Antoine Griezmann is being held as human shields for the most lousy season Barca history. In the 2-8 defeat against Bayern, in fact former Atletico player does not deserve such criticism. England coach Quique Setien only for the pitch from the first half 2, when Barca were opponents to a 4-1 lead.

Griezmann has just landed the Nou Camp this summer from Atletico in 2019 with the transfer fee of 120 million euros. However, the inability to meet the expectations that he is quickly labeled "spray bombs" and on the risk of break up Barca after only one season. Thus, the risk Griezmann even go faster than Philippe Coutinho - players who ended the season on loan at Bayern Munich 1 after 1 year and a half jacket Barca.

Marca said that the Barca side that paid Griezmann notice "about the place of production" is part of a plan to put Neymar Junior back. A swap is an agreement only viable alternatives, because in fact the player's value has diminished somewhat due to upcoming hitting 30.

Griezmann took Felix Barca want to change, according to sources of the newspaper Marca

However, the accuracy of this deal to where still is waiting. Dario Sport newspaper confirmed despite stable squad in his first season, Griezmann is still the name is new coach Ronald Koeman planning for staffing plan his parish with his team Catalunya. Luis Suarez and in the context of being struck, the future of Messi being questioned, the role of the French striker will also become more important.

Also, Atletico were not interested in the exchange offer from Barcelona. Red and white team shirt of Madrid understood, Joao Felix is ​​now the team's future is in the past also Griezmann. Summer 2019, Atletico each spend 126 million euros to pick bold recruit the players born in 1999.

Remember, lovingly donated Felix Atletico contract with a term of 7 years, something rare in the history of this team at the moment they recruited 19 players from Benfica. If individual players under 20 years old, Felix is ​​just under a Mbappe Kylian (145 million euros) and "over ten thousand people."