2 situation caused a penalty in match Manchester City - Liverpool (source of potassium)

In the great battle between Man City and Liverpool in the Premier League 8 recently, Walker had an illegal tackle on striker Sadio Mané right side of the visitors after 13 minutes, causing the fruit 11m. In free kick scenarios then, Mo Salah did not miss the opportunity to open the score in the match.

Conflict Manchester City - Manchester United: De Bruyne Roy Keane declared war, von extremely harsh
Phase ball 11m Liverpool lead to results (Image Source: Internet)

Mixed fruit ball 11m leading to Liverpool

Keane then had criticized extremely "harsh" to send to Walker hooked ball gaffe. "Mane facing a dumb guy," Keane puts Walker on Sky Sports. "It is thought by Kyle Walker played well. I do not think so, he constantly make mistakes. As an international player, 30 years old, but he's like a guy that crash. "

Walker's teammate at Manchester City's De Bruyne has recently voiced objection: "From the moment Kyle came to this team, he is one of the players with the most stable form. He never injury, played continuously. He is reliable and is actually a good defender.

You can not compare the work of Kyle with Trent Alexander-Arnold in Liverpool. Trent more inclined attack Kyle also perform another role for us. That is why he always demonstrated this level for many years. "

Reply comments Keane says Walker "never have to learn", De Bruyne said that the players are not emphasized this: "What Roy Keane says he is a guy with other people and everyone knows so. No problem at all, he could keep his opinions. He (Walker) will be okay with everything now. "

In the game against Liverpool above, De Bruyne also have a chance to score on 11m but missed. Belgian star will have the opportunity to confront Walker in England shirt colors this weekend in UEFA Nations League.

Also in a commentary after City's 1-1 draw against Liverpool, Keane says Man City will not be able to reproduce the good things the past few years ever present in the Premier League: "I think, would be very difficult to Manchester City's Premier league champions this season. They will not do what is done in two or three years.

Take a look at Man City squad. They will compete in all competitions, but only owns two striker. One of them, Sergio Aguero was 32 years old. If he happens issue, they will have to depend on others. Meanwhile, they will blame themselves why not add one more striker. "