Colombia lost 1-6 before Ecuador in the World Cup qualifier 2022 in South America

Recently, Colombian Tel had to suffer a severe failure 1-6 before Ecuador's Tel in the World Cup qualifier 2022 in South America. The only goal scored for Colombia is the star James Rodriguez, on the 11m dot. Recently, Colombian Communications reported James Rodriguez was also one of two stars that caused a scuffle right in the team's dressing room after the top match.

Coming about Everton,
The heavy defeat seems to have affected the spirit of Colombian players (Photo source: Internet)

The heavy loss seems to have affected the spirit of Colombian players

According to the La Luciernaga program of Caracol radio channel, Jefferson Lerma is the remaining character in the above mess. Both James Rodriguez and Jefferson Lerma are currently the pillars of Colombia. Both James and Lerma are playing at the Premier League. James was heading for Everton while Lerma was wearing Bournemouth.

James and Lerma were highly likely to be the "leader" of the two factions in the Colombian dressing room. Colombian correspondent named Javier Hernandez Bonnet More information on Blu Radio Sports Blog: "Suggested happened, a player stepped on another leg. The head of the two factions broke into each other, sparking the case. "

It is unclear whether Coach Carlos Queiroz is the cause of this heavy defeat, however, according to Bonnet, it seems that the strategist has been a Deputy General MU of Sir Alex Ferguson "cannot control the room Dressing ", when" unable to lead the players ".

Known, after this shameful defeat, Carlos Queiroz wrote a resignation to the Colombian Football Federation. Failure caused Colombia to drop to No. 7 in the World Cup qualifier 2022 in South America.

Know, this is the first time Colombia must go to the net to pick up the ball to 6 times in a match in the World Cup qualifier after 43 years. Meanwhile, with 6 goals scored, Ecuador had the same number of receptions they had before Colombia in the previous 16 confrontation.

After finishing the task in Colombia, James Rodriguez will return to Everton to continue the war in the UK Premier League. This weekend, Everton will have a relatively gentle assessment in Fulham, the team has just escaped the "Red Light" area. James is currently the best "Foot" in Everton with 3 assertions available from the beginning of the season.