Coach Koeman & tasks retain Messi

Coach Ronald Koeman after the time of the official was appointed head coach of Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi captain has decided to cut short his summer vacation. Argentine superstar returned to the club, and met directly with the team's new general.

Coach Koeman how to Messi stay: Learning to retain Ronaldo Ferguson 2008?
Shortly after taking office in Barcelona, ​​coach Koeman has met privately Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Shortly after taking office in Barcelona, ​​coach Koeman has met privately Messi

"At home, Messi met Koeman pm 20/8 to discuss the player's future," writes journalist Roger Saperas on "Now that Messi was not sure about the future at Barca. I am disappointed with the 2-8 defeat against Bayern. Messi feels he wants to leave the Camp Nou rather than stay in. But Messi is difficult to understand that he goes right in this transfer window, because the current contract expires next summer. "

Lionel Messi was only 1 year contract with Barca. The same source reported above, Josep Maria Bartomeu presidents determined not selling superstar owns 6 Golden Ball this summer. Director Javier Bordas team will also convince "El Pulga" stay if he wants to leave. Messi also coach Koeman still regarded as the core of his plan.

But keep Messi in any way, it is also worth discussing with coach Koeman thing. According to Mundo Deportivo, first Dutch military rulers will rely on 3-team deal Barcelona, ​​it is Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique and Sergi Roberto. After meeting with Messi, coach Koeman will have 3 players. And surely he will indicate to friends Messi's impact on the players.

Sir Alex moves school

But that is only temporary solution. Coach Ronald Koeman understand that his reign at Barcelona How long depends very much on the attitude and motivation of Lionel Messi in the match. Therefore, the Dutch military rulers are willing to apply the lesson that Sir Alex Ferguson did with Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2008, to keep Messi stay.

Summer of 2008, Real has made contact with MU to recruit Ronaldo. However Meanwhile, Sir Alex Ferguson not to the star insists the Portuguese to leave just because a statement from the President of Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon. Sir Alex said that Ramon Calderon and his disregard for MU Ronaldo decided to retain for another year.

In his autobiography "Memoirs of me" (My Autobiography), Sir Alex used to tell about how he keep Ronaldo in 2008: "When I reached home of Carlos Queiroz in Portugal and we speak to Ronaldo. I said: "You can not go into this year (2008), especially after what Calderon has declared.

Sir Alex each retain successful 2008 summer Ronaldo

I know he wanted to Real Madrid, but this time I'd rather kill you than sell him to someone like him. If you play well, not rebel and someone replaced, as well as a record price, I will let you go. "

That way, I helped him calm down. I gave him obvious reasons I do not want to sell him and that is Calderon ".

So Ronald Koeman can do with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo service comes from summer 2008? According to Mundo Deportivo, the Dutch military rulers will have at least 1 year to "warm up" the love of the heart "Leo". It is extremely important, it is a delight to play for Messi, with a tactical system suitable and effective.

Thus, the 2020/21 season not only decide the success or failure of Barcelona. In addition, it is also crucial to the future of Lionel Messi, and even the chair of coach Ronald Koeman again.