Coach Quique Setien is not help worrying day he was sacked after the club Barcelona lose La Liga title to Real Madrid. Although the temporary press Catalunya he will be safe while the team prepares to compete in the Champions League, but who replaces him is a subject of public opinion tingling in the city.

Coach at Barca Setien dying chairs, staging SAO recommended power Kluivert
Coach Setien can be fired when the season ended (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Setien can be fired when the season ended

Xavi has been rumored to take over Barca in the future, but the former players are committed to stay in Qatar to work plus the bond between him and the candidate President Victor Font mean Xavi does not want to work for Josep Bartomeu or anyone who is allied with the president. Coach Ronald Koeman will also continue to work for Holland though he had just bought the house recently in Barcelona.

In last Sunday, both major sports papers Sport and Mundo in Barcelona is Deportivo mentioned two names can be replaced Setien. Sport newspaper said "super brokers" Jorge Mendes has spoken to leaders Barca to introduce his client, coach Laurent Blanc. Blanc each jacket Barca 1 season and have successful seasons for Paris Saint-Germain, but he has 4 years of unemployment.

Mundo Deportivo also revealed that they are known candidate is Patrick Kluivert, renowned striker Dutchman capped Barca period 1998 - 2004 and is currently the club's academy director. Kluivert has experience working in training for 12 years but the most prominent achievements is to turn the national team into a powerful Curacao of Central American football and into the top 100 on the FIFA standings.

Coach at Barca Setien dying chairs, staging SAO recommended power Kluivert
"Selecting Kluivert," Mundo Deportivo newspaper title (Image Source: Internet)

"Selecting Kluivert," Mundo Deportivo newspaper title

Style football controlled beautifully that Kluivert introduce Tel Curacao led him cause much impression in the village manager and after working time at Ajax, PSG and Cameroon later, he was invited as director Barca academy. Although in theory the people of Bartomeu, but Kluivert is very popular with players because of aggressive, demanding but listen.

According to Mundo Deportivo, information Kluivert may be appointed to be the star Barca quite cheerfully welcomed by even though they do not really hate Setien, coach Ernesto Valverde layoffs middle of the season that the players are very upset. Setien in fact not be created tactical mark what really stands out though is choosing to maintain a good football is considered the club's traditions.