Evolutions match Brentford - Swansea

4 team in power play won promotion playoffs after the Premier League last season Championship, if Swansea with Cardiff and Fulham were playing in the English Premier League, the Premier League Brentford unprecedented. They practically did not play in the highest league of England from end 1947.

Brentford took only 11 minutes to start screen upstream minimum after losing in the first leg (Image Source: Internet)

Brentford took only 11 minutes to start screen upstream minimum after losing leg

But they were short of straight ticket to the final day of the season and the playoff game against Swansea despite, they showed themselves not a mediocre opponent. This team lost the first leg in Wales with the score 0-1, but they exploded on the floor before the game has a very dramatic ending.

After 11 minutes Brentford has averaged total score 1-1 in a swift counterattack when Mathias Jensen Ollie Watkins shot put balls drain down off the crossbar. And just four minutes later Brentford the lead, Emiliano Marcondes a header in the unmarked after Benrahma Said 'cross.

Benrahma soon finish just wide, but Swansea has not escaped. Only 54 seconds after the first half 2 Brentford were there began to add more goals, a perfect horizontal stretch of results in the area 5m50 Rico a chance to reach the finish Bryan Mbuemo bringing the score to 3-0.

Brentford preserve fragile successfully separated in 7 minutes of injury time (Image Source: Internet)

Brentford preserve fragile successfully separated in 7 minutes of injury time

Brentford almost took the game in hand, but starting from 60 minutes Swansea almost completely sealed off Brentford squad inside the penalty area with a series of challenge at home against the city. After goalkeeper Raya saves 2 times in a row, he was teammates Pontus Jansson damage after 78 minutes with one breaking ball hard to understand that Rhian Brewster wins the ball before the young stars of Liverpool press the ball down Raya from outside the box.

Swansea onslaught and in the 90th minute was almost + 3 Brewster scored if not rejected in the corner Raya narrow stone. Brentford at least 2 goals for the win from the counterattack but were missed, and in minute 90 + 3 coach Thomas Frank of Brentford has a quarrel with a player Swansea when he deliberately kept the ball the hours outside borders .

Preserves 3-2 on aggregate after 7 minutes of injury time, the official ticketing Brentford into the Championship playoff final to play the game that if they win, they will be promoted to the Premier League and ensuring awarded £ 100 million turnover in 2020 season / 21. The match will take place on 4/8 at Wembley and will face the winner of Brentford Fulham pair - Cardiff, ends tonight with a total ratio of 30/7 is for Fulham 2-0 after the first leg on the field of Cardiff.

Final score: Brentford 3-1 Swansea (United 1: 2-0)


- Brentford: Watkins 11 ', Marcondes 15', Mbeumo 46 '

- Swansea: Brewster 78 '


Brentford: Raya; Dalsgaard, Jansson, Pinnock, Henry; Jensen, Norgaard, Marcondes; Benrahma, Watkins, Mbeumo.

Swansea: Mulder; Naughton, Van der Horn, Guehi; Roberts, Fulton, Grimes, Bidwell; Gallagher; Brewster, Ayew.