Pirlo ball as Ronaldo phase "humiliated" in the Champions League 2004/05

Pirlo has recently been appointed as head coach Juventus, which makes Mr. Ronaldo. This is an interesting reunion between the stars are no strangers to each other on the pitch. In the 12 year period from 2003 (when Ronaldo landed MU) and 2015 (when Pirlo leaving Juventus to New York City), both sides met altogether 12 times (counting both club and country).

Classic confrontation Ronaldo - Pirlo:
Ronaldo in Real confront coat color Pirlo in Milan shirt (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo in Real confront coat color Pirlo in Milan shirt

season 2004/05

For the first time Ronaldo against Pirlo in an official match was in the 2004/05 Champions League 1/8 round, while Manchester United face AC Milan. Ronaldo meanwhile was still in the development stage and has not shown itself to be nothing more. Milan's Pirlo showed that price in two wins with the 1-0 in the first leg and the second leg with the same person as Hernán Crespo scored.

However, this match again recorded an extremely bold mark in the confrontation between Ronaldo and Pirlo, in a situation when handling the ball, Pirlo had a subtle sham fool Ronaldo. Ball challenge composure shown by Andrea Pirlo as well as the immaturity of CR7.

season 2006/07

Two seasons later, Manchester United and Milan meet in the Champions League, but this time in the semifinals. Leg, Ronaldo contributed one goal in a 3-2 victory by the home side, but in the second leg, Milan showed absolute power by winning 3-0.

season 2009/10

This time, Ronaldo has moved to Real Madrid while still playing for Milan Pirlo. Real and Milan are common in the Champions League season league that year, but unfortunately does not contribute in both CR7 second leg against Milan and on. Notably, in the first leg, Pirlo has contributed one goal in Milan's 3-2 victory.

season 2010/11

Real and Milan share a table again in the Champions League. In the first leg at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo contributed 1 goal for Los Blancos 2-0 victory. In the return leg, the two teams 2-2 tie. None of Pirlo and Ronaldo despite their contribution shoes stone mark 90 minutes.

Classic confrontation Ronaldo - Pirlo:
Pirlo and Ronaldo share the frontline in a charity match (Image Source: Internet)

Pirlo and Ronaldo share the frontline in a charity match

season 2013/14

This time, Pirlo moved to Juventus jacket. Real and Juventus in the Champions League the same group. The first leg at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo scored twice as Real Madrid won 2-1. Leg, CR7 continued to shine with 1 goal and 1 is generated, helping Los Blancos hold 1 point with a 2-2 draw.

season 2014/15

Real and Juventus in the Champions League semi-final coming and clashed. In the first leg in Italy, Ronaldo's efforts to help him with one goal in Real's 1-2 defeat. Return to the Bernabeu CR7 continue aglow with 1 goal, but it was not enough for Real to go forward, after Morata and the visitors leveled the successful preservation, 1-1 to enter the final game.

This is also the last season Ronaldo was confronted by later Pirlo Italian monument moved to America to play for New York City, ended a career full of golden Europe.

National team

Ronaldo and Pirlo only one single time with each other standing on the field confrontation in national team colors, it was in a friendly match held on March 2/2008, when Italy beat Portugal 3-1. In another friendly match that took place four years ago, when Italy beat Portugal 2-1, Ronaldo entered the game in the second half while Pirlo was substituted after the 1st half.


Thus, out Ronaldo has a total of 7 goals in the confrontation with the military team that first Pirlo, while the incumbent head coach of Juventus only one single table. Pirlo was more fun than Ronaldo in the period 2004 - 2010, but since then the period of CR7.