Bruno Fernandes shine brightly as No. 10 since joining Manchester United. With the Portuguese midfielder in the upper, rear with Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matić, MU owns strong midfielders in the Premier League top.

Class of recruits who joined Van de Beek MU: Replace the perfect Pogba?
MU has Pogba and Bruno Fernandes fine play in midfield (Image Source: Internet)

MU has Pogba and Bruno Fernandes fine play in midfield

So, when Manchester United officially announced Donny Van de Beek rookie, all feel surprised. Because this young midfielder seems to play in the same position that Bruno and Pogba are playing. Whether boys from Nijkerkerveen region can overcome the two stars, but the home side at Old Trafford owns?

Answer is possible. Sky Sports has made analysis on the talents of the Dutch midfielder. Van de Beek played Donny very versatile, can play central midfield or central midfielder, was described as midfielder shuttle (box-to-box) classic.

Van de Beek can play all positions in midfield, what makes him so special compared to many other colleagues, good link between offensive and defensive line of Ajax. Greatest strengths is to play Van de Beek little touches, exploiting space and smart move.

At the stage of defense, new signings coming to Old Trafford this landed not bad. According Whoscored, Van der Beek per game average implementation 2.2 tackles / battle, 4th high at Ajax. So when needed, he can take the defensive midfielder position.

Can see, Van de Beek gives coach Solskjaer are many solutions to build the gameplay for the "Reds". He promises the same Bruno created a great link between midfield and attack of the team and ready to score when needed.

Before National Championship Netherlands 2019/2020 premature translation termination Covid-19, the midfielder to play 23 games, scoring 8 goals, 5 tectonics, 41 times to create opportunities for teammates and 16 times half hit the crossbar. Throughout the 5 years now draped Ajax, Van de Beek has played 159 matches for Ajax, scoring 40 goals and 34 tectonic phase. Dusan Tadic and only marginally better Hakim is Ziyech midfielder scored in the index, is created.

"Reds" preparing for contract called Van de Beek

Therefore, when Van de Beek stand in the ranks of "Reds", promises to provide material coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær to complete skeleton in midfield. With 40 million pounds for the additions, MU seen as assured of the middle, even as Paul Pogba made his sudden departure inverters.

And now here, "Solsa" garage as well as the transfer of this team can focus on other positions. Summer transfer window is still very long and MU clearly need some further additions. Red half of Manchester was deadlocked during the past days. With the break the silence that Donny Van de Beek created for the home side at Old Trafford, "Reds" promises to create a breakthrough for the sprint of the summer of 2020.