Chelsea are causing a lot of surprises for the public. They unexpectedly successful negotiations with striker Timo Werner of Leipzig and was only waiting to pay the liquidation amount 58 million pounds contract to closing the deal. They previously had Hakim Ziyech from Ajax in January and are now left back Ben Hunt Chilwell of Leicester City.

Chelsea's shock transfer:
Kai Havertz (Image Source: Internet)

Kai Havertz

But it seems Chelsea does not stop there, recently the Daily Mail reported that "The Blues" has questioned the club Bayer Leverkusen to ask midfielder Kai Havertz, who scored 11 goals and 5 is generated in the Bundesliga to this time. Players age of 20 are similes as a synthesis between Mesut Ozil and Michael Ballack, but that is not enough because he is capable of stone nearly every position in midfield, even stone striker or stone wing when needed.

Talent Havertz made him known to the German national team in 18 years and appeared frequently in then, and German newspapers rated him the ability to become German player next won the Golden Ball as the whole legend Lothar Matthäus same features. And most agree that the level of Havertz took the stature of the club Leverkusen.

But Leverkusen will not let me go with cheap rates and Chelsea also understand that. Recently, the Daily Mail said Chelsea had offered 75 million pounds for Havertz and they hope Leverkusen will soon agree, by intentionally Chelsea are closing early deal for the big clubs different from jumping into that Leverkusen have the chance to do price.

Chelsea's shock transfer:
Teammate was in the Germany team, Havertz and Werner into teammate at Chelsea? (Image Source: Internet)

Teammate was in the Germany team, Havertz and Werner into teammate at Chelsea?

Havertz Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are really interested, but Bayern forward to next year to look forward to 2021 buy cheap new Real also seemed to freeze in time to transfer to the financial stability Covid-19 defender. Chelsea therefore choose this time to take action and hopefully finish as fast as possible. MU is also a team interested Havertz but they are unlikely to spend money for this service when Bruno Fernandes had been asked in the team van de Beek Donny bought from Ajax.

Considerable doubt as to whether Chelsea can actually afford to pay for Leverkusen to buy Havertz. They are expected to use the money to sell Eden Hazard & Álvaro Morata to spend on acquisitions Ziyech, Werner and possibly Chilwell, but also Havertz? Besides Chelsea had Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour Havertz stone in place of 2 players and this is speeding up personally Lampard 1 Chelsea team this season.

However owning a very promising young talent as Havertz will be a big shock, and shows the ambition of how big Chelsea. After unexpectedly named Werner, Chelsea fans will be more excited with Havertz and they waited 2 hours only officially joined "The Blues".