4/9 days, Kai Havertz multitude joined Chelsea in expectations. The 21-year-old makes the team even West London to spend the fee can touch the threshold of 90 million pounds, becoming the club record. That suggests, coach Frank Lampard and the Chelsea board appreciate how Havertz.

Chelsea victory, Havertz hat-trick: Lampard countered legend
Kai Havertz (blue) goes to Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Kai Havertz (blue) goes to Liverpool

However, 2 of Havertz his debut against Chelsea is not as successful as expected of the "True Blues". In the first match against Brighton, Havertz not leave any mark on anything, even up to 80 minutes a day playing Chelsea won 3-1. English only 6.8 points Whoscored dots - the third lowest among 11 players Chelsea soccer.

Second chance to Kai Havertz, this time with Liverpool in the last great war 2 Premier League. However, performances of the former Bayer Leverkusen player is even worse than the first debut. He lost in the coach's tactical system Lampard, completely overshadowed by the play pressed, pressing level of the Liverpool players.

This match, coach Frank Lampard to pull off the pitch as soon Havertz agreements 1. And the statistics page Whoscored grading 6.1 to 45 minutes before the show's Havertz champion Premier League. No other player in midfield and Chelsea striker peak than the most expensive player in the club's history. And that is a reason why Chelsea lost 0-2 at Stamford Bridge.

Also by the performances are not satisfactory, Kai Havertz started to recognize the criticism and pressure. Liverpool legend, the former central defender Jamie Carragher said: "I was watching him play and thought:" Havertz playing where? ". He has a matching 4-3-3?".

Daily Mail continues quoted Carragher: "He is close with some 10 classic, and we do not see much a player like that in modern football. Location that Havertz played, I do not think he fit".

Similarly, the legendary Arsenal, Paul Merson fears that this will be a deal "blockbuster chemical spray bombs" of Chelsea: "He played that even looks do not seem to be passionate about. Maybe Kai will take a lot of time to adapt, if not want to face these risks. "

Remarks of two legendary Liverpool and Arsenal coach Frank Lampard makes hot eyes. As a player, the former Chelsea midfielder has repeatedly compared the embankment with Jamie Carragher and Paul Merson. And this time, "Super Frankie" continues to confront them on the media front.

Lampard countered coach, after being criticized Havertz

Immediately after the criticisms mentioned above, Frank Lampard countered the Daily Mail: "I have the vision and the plan of their own. And that explains clearly why he (Kai Havertz) here".

After a few seconds to calm, the Chelsea boss said: "Kai has played at many different positions in his career, from No. 10, No. 9 even as some 8. He also played a lot of matches inside corridor to Leverkusen. the key moment just gives him the match ".

Indeed the claims of coach Frank Lampard soon showed practicality. In the match in England League Cup Round 3 with Barnsley, Kai Havertz scored in the new team shirt colors, not only 1 but 3 times. This match, Havertz ice immediately after Abraham Tammy spearhead striker.

Be played in forte, Havertz to see the danger as usual, when he was on the payroll of Bayer Leverkusen.

Therefore, Kai Havertz made the remarks two legends Jamie Carragher and Paul Merson becomes meaningless. Hat-trick was not only helps reduce the load pressure Havertz for themselves, but also teacher Frank Lampard first light. Because if you can not promote the value of contracts reached almost 90 million pounds, the chair of "Super Frankie" also risks shaken.