* The formidable attempt Chelsea

Information Chelsea almost complete acquisition striker Timo Werner of Leipzig, even possibly Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen is creating an atmosphere very excited to fans of "The Blues" not only on the Threshold of the Premier League back playing, but also for the following season 2020/21 for Werner, and Hakim Ziyech Havertz will come to the club from next season.

Chelsea silently exploding
Timo Werner was going to Chelsea, although there are rumors going into before Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Timo Werner was going to Chelsea, although there are rumors going into before Liverpool

Apart Ziyech, Havertz and Werner, Chelsea still chasing defenders left and if Leicester City Ben Chilwell Chilwell not sell, they will move to Ajax Nicolas Tagliafico. Likely they will complement the midfield position if felt Rudiger, Zouma or Tomori not enough, with the goal of Lille Gabriel.

The revelations of the press recently showed that Chelsea have made the military recruitment has long rather recent days new inflates, as coach Frank Lampard and technical adviser Petr Cech spoke with Werner on joining the service since before Covid-19 occurred. Chelsea not to reveal information out so many people think they are "quick hit" shortcut.

These preparatory activities actually led forces formidable Chelsea back amid their form in the Premier League have translated are teetering before making football Covid-19 suspended. They were MU shorten the gap to 3 points and the race for 4th place in the rest of the season will affect a lot to prepare for the next season of the two teams.

Chelsea silently exploding
Lampard & Cech has actively recruiting in recent months (Image Source: Internet)

Lampard & Cech has actively recruiting in recent months

Even with Leicester is not easy to maintain the appearance of the top four, while Manchester City face the punishment banned for European, Chelsea and Manchester United have the opportunity to rebuild the squad successfully competing objectives servants champion.

They are still quite far from Liverpool but Liverpool could even decline if not deepen existing forces. Even Werner is the goal of "Kop" but eventually they ignore financial reasons.

* Wait race Chelsea, MU

Two race of Chelsea, Manchester United could result in material like? At this moment Chelsea are showing advantages, they were very proactive in the market and also to find players for the weak position instead subsumed by the race "blockbuster" not too necessary.

Not only that, in the purchase of the Chelsea players were around the utilization of proceeds from the sale of Eden Hazard & Álvaro Morata and not money that boss Roman Abramovich poured more.

But on the other hand had a team MU young players like Chelsea's remarkable and their purchasing power is always considered a top than any Premier League club yet. Therefore, although Chelsea are running before, MU can catch up if completed the big deal, important, and having a large budget in hand will allow them to do it faster.

Chelsea silently exploding
Solskjaer and his colleagues will work out why on the eve season 2020/21 market? (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer and his colleagues will work out why on the eve season 2020/21 market?

Assess the ability championship longer dependent of the two clubs for several seasons, not just one season. Chelsea in the last decade has made mistakes each time champion Premiership they slow to upgrade, refresh the squad and at the expense of losing the Champions League.

MU had 2 very good transfer from Ole Gunnar Solskjær power, but wait and see they can never own a real players put their pen to class a champion. "Reds" has been transferred many mistakes in the past and is not easy to say they were "morphing" only after about 1 year of business.