Not long after winning just to win tickets Leicester City 1-0 in the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United, Chelsea made their fans disappointed to return in Round 32 Premiership as West Ham guests.

Whatever the opener thanks to a penalty shot by Willian but "The Blues," the first day wearing team jerseys printed with the name new donors lost to Andriy Yarmolenko reverse 2-3 when true grid pierced 89 minutes.

Chelsea record reappear shock after 4 years, Lampard worry MU catch the stars?
Yarmolenko help Chelsea 3-2 West Ham win shock (Image Source: Internet)

Yarmolenko help West Ham won 3-2 Chelsea shock

Notably, the white arms "Sledge hammers" this morning (2/7) in the West London derby defeat was the 10th in the Premiership this season for Chelsea. Teachers and students have caught up Frank Lampard's sad record club 4 years ago, in the season 2015/16 when Chelsea officials 10th destination, the worst result in 12 years under the reign of the Russian boss - billion Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea had lost 18 points this season, despite goal lead rivals in the Premiership, only slightly more than 2 teams are West Ham (loss of 22 points which is calculated respectively) and Aston Villa (take 19 points).

Chelsea record reappear shock after 4 years, Lampard worry MU catch the stars?
Coach Frank Lampard bow on the pitch disappointed London airport (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Frank Lampard bow on the pitch disappointed London airport

As for West Ham, they just ending 20 consecutive defeats to rival the front grid pierced in the Premiership. Notably, "the Hammers" Chelsea won the Premier League two matches respectively this season under 2 different life coach (1-0 in the first leg when West Ham coach Manuel Pellegrini was due to lead, and 3-2 in turns on when they are guided by coach David Moyes).

Meanwhile, speaking after the failure of the past on the field London, coach Frank Lampard (Chelsea) bitter shared on TV channels Sky Sports: "I'm not saying this is the story about the problems this season our , but had a lot of moments like that. We had a good start, is more likely to win 3 points and stood before the opportunity occupied 3rd place.

In a game like this, you have to play well all the time. You can dominate possession, which we did in most of the game, but if there are times when you get stuck, if you make one or two mistakes, led to them scoring equalizer 1-1 in the first half, you will encourage the whole team must put upward attack. I have been there and understand it. "

Lampard stressed the risk of Chelsea Manchester United and Wolverhampton catch up and even overtake in the race for the top four in the Premiership last season: "We are just over Manchester United two points. They played well and were style impressive. Wolves also are having a great season and they currently hold very close to us. Leicester has an excellent season and we are still behind them.

We are sad because we wanted to win this match. However, we are still in a good position. Therefore, there is no reason to be disappointed but I can not tell the truth that today is a game we should have won. "

After the defeat at West Ham, Chelsea will return to Stamford Bridge to welcome Watford - group monitoring team at the "red lantern" at 2 5/7 Sunday morning (Vietnam time).