Coach Frank Lampard remains opposed views 2019/20 Premier League return after a pandemic. Despite the efforts of the organizing committee plans to launch "Project Restart", the British military rulers confirmed the health, safety should always be a top priority.

Chelsea Premiership opposition back, pull off the two caps friends
Coach Lampard (white shirt) incited Chelsea players strike? (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Lampard (white shirt) incited Chelsea players strike?

In an interview with Sky Sports, coach Lampard said: "I think at this point, we must learn empathy with the players. It's not strike them. The players nor do not want to practice again. It affects the health, not only their lives but also for the whole family. "

Chelsea manager added: "We want football back. But this is a situation unprecedented and unpredictable. No one knows what will happen if the Premier League again. It would be case more reasonable if this season stops here ".

According to the Daily Mail, if insistently defended the canceled award, coach Lampard may be reduced salary. 41-year-old military rulers are said to be tolerated for the strike by England players world in general, and in particular the Chelsea players. Lampard himself in the interview admits he has sympathy with the game.

Still according to this source, Chelsea giants do not want Premiership return than any other big guns. By Lampard's side will face difficulties in terms of force, once the season ends later than usual. The trio Pedro - Giroud - Willian likely to take the form of free immediately after 30/6.

This will inevitably seriously affect the strength of the West London club in the race in the top 4 Premiership. In fact, Chelsea can totally blind, or Sheffield, and many other teams across the face. And if there are no tickets to the Champions League next season, it will be a disaster with "The Blues".

Currently, the gap between Chelsea and Manchester United just three points. If Sheffield win fixture offset, the distance between them and Chelsea even just 2 points. In the context of the season remaining 9 rounds, the risks to the West London is too big.

Thus, Chelsea are reportedly gang tried to oppose the plan "Project Restart". This team received the support of at least 6 teams are in the relegation race. It is Norwich, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford, West Ham and Brighton.

Chelsea Premiership opposition back, pull off the two caps friends
Chelsea (blue) are trying to prevent Manchester United into the top 4 (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea (blue) are trying to prevent Manchester United into the top 4

Thus, once the FA to conduct the vote, his Chelsea and alliance as had 7 votes. Meanwhile, the law of the Premiership specify any plan must receive the support of the 14/20 team were allowed through.

If Chelsea succeed in "rebellion", which will greatly affect the ambitions of Manchester United. Old Trafford team are hoping the tournament will return. Forces of "Reds" are very good at, with the return of two pillars and Rashford Pogba. If the 2019/20 season ended from this time, which meant risk MU become spectators in the Champions League next season.