Liverpool's second win in a row in the Premier League after beating Chelsea 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. The home side have sufficient elements for a losing battle with an early red card, a mistake by the goalkeeper and a penalty kick down.

Chelsea players received red cards, why Jürgen Klopp unexpectedly scolded pupil?
Christensen received a red card after the "object" Sadio Mané down field (Image Source: Internet)

Christensen received a red card after the "object" Sadio Mané down the pitch

With this win, Liverpool is one of 5 teams win the full 6 points after the first two rounds. Almost Jürgen Klopp will happily but according to Talk Sport, a German teacher had moments of anger and shouted at the game on the field. So what is the cause?

According to Talk Sport revealed, situations occur when Christensen makes a person shot in the style of rugby with Sadio Mané department and the referee yellow card warning. However, VAR organizations consulted and the referee gave the videotapes and transfer review decision a red card.

The Liverpool bench reacted strongly when the referee only a yellow card for midfielder Denmark and celebrated like scoring when the referee reversed the decision. This makes it extremely annoying Jürgen Klopp. He always came back and said: "People are crazy? We should never be allowed to do so again. "

Jürgen Klopp showed a nice action

This shows that German teacher did not like taking the misery of others make fun. That's one of the good qualities of Jürgen Klopp makes people can not help but love. He can also do this in the press room when admitted Liverpool when Chelsea lost to kick people:

"We just have to confront 10 people. The game has become very different in the second half. Personally I love the game more than half. I love the way his players effort found its way into the wooden frame. We are doing very well and suddenly a red card to and things become easier. "

Besides, Jürgen Klopp also warned students not to rest on victory by their next opponents are Arsenal: "I liked the performance of the game. We do not stone for 2 minutes: 3 points and type something like "Be ready when Liverpool come". Our team is not performing.

The next match will be extremely difficult because Arsenal are playing very well in recent months. However, if we know how to adapt and self-improvement, success will come. The match today was difficult but my students have done and I'm happy for that. "