Evolutions match Liverpool - Chelsea

In the days catch trophy, Liverpool played with true 100% strength on home field and that Chelsea "dry coat" with 3-5 at Anfield defeat. This defeat also led teachers and students Frank Lampard took 3rd place in the standings in the hands MU (less offset).

Chelsea lost 5 goals, took the Top 3: Lampard exasperated coach criticized Liverpool
Mane hugged to celebrate Lampard (Image Source: Internet)

Mane Lampard hugged to celebrate

But after witnessing the defeated team, Lampard still feel quite frustrated with the provocative behavior of some members on the Liverpool bench. Meanwhile, Sadio Mané also recorded scenes are embracing coach Chelsea in paragraph livestream on Instagram.

Speaking after the match with Sky Sports, Lampard said. "I do not see any problems with Klopp, he has done great things with this team. It is the result fair for them at this year's tournament. But do not be too arrogant Liverpool with it. "

Recognizing the match at Anfield, British strategists could not hide the fear when the game conceding 5 goals.

"I do not want to fault the individuals in a game, which I want to talk about is how we have to realize that goal. Liverpool really has a lot of quality finish, especially in the penalty situation.

This is the fault of the collective, but good contributions of some individuals is undeniable. When the score was 4-3, I feel we can return to the fight. The whole team needs to understand if mistakes against a team like Liverpool quality ball will have consequences like.

We have two important games this week and it is important to be laboring together, fans're a nice combination for the club at the end of the season. "

Talk about goals and Top 4 final opponent in the round of 38 match, Lampard still great faith in the game.

Chelsea lost 5 goals, took the Top 3: Lampard exasperated coach criticized Liverpool
Lampard began Klopp (Image Source: Internet)

Lampard began Klopp

"The team needs to understand what will be achieved until the present time. Earlier this season, not many people expect we will be able to hit the Top 4, but we still hold everything in hand. Chelsea remain top leader and his battle with rival Wolves will decide everything. I have confidence in the players. We will continue our efforts in the last game. "

On the lower screen legged, Chelsea need to win at least one point against Wolves to definitely finish in the top 4. Even if they lose, teachers Lampard still has a chance to stay in the Top 4 in the case of Manchester United beat Leicester .