Chelsea's final battle at the Champions League group 2020/21 did not bring many meanings because they soon won the top of the E-Table from the previous turn. Therefore, Coach Frank Lampard decided to launch some trials in the confrontation with Krasnodar.

Chelsea - Krasnodar: Initial shock, a penalty for rescue (C1 cup football results)
Chelsea soon be punctured from Cabella's finish (Photo source: Internet)

Chelsea soon was conceded from Cabella's finish.

Young players like Gilmour, Anjorin or players "forgotten" Emerson, Kepa are used from the beginning. Therefore, Chelsea could not overwhelm the opponent despite playing at home. They even had to receive a goal in front of 24 minutes. Remy Cabella received the ball before the penalty area and had a daring handle that made goalkeeper Kepa pour.

Fortunately for Chelsea when only 3 minutes later, Kaio Fernando fouled by Krasnodar with Abraham in the penalty area and the landlord received a penalty. Jorginho was assigned the responsibility and did not miss the chance to balance the score. The next minute, Chelsea played not too effort while Krasnodar couldn't find the opponent's piece once again.

Finally, Chelsea Hoa Krasnodar in a match had two goals. Even so, Teacher Lampard still holds the top of the table E with 14 points after 6 matches.

Final ratio: Chelsea 1-1 Krasnodar (H1: 1-1)


Chelsea: Jorginho (penalty) 28 '

Krasnodar: Cabella 24 '


Chelsea: Kepa, Christensen, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, EMERSON, Havertz, Jorginho, Kovacic, Gilmour, Anjorin, Abraham

Krasnodar: Gorodov, Smolnikov, Martynovich, Kaio Fernando, Ramirez, Olsson, Cabella, Vilhena, Wanderson, Berg, Claesson

Match parameters