Goalkeeper Kepa continue as aches for coach Frank Lampard when mistakes directly in the defeat of Chelsea against Liverpool in the Premier League second round. After Sadio Mané scored the opener for Liverpool after 50 minutes, 4 minutes after Kepa turned a nothing situation complicated the goal.

Chelsea keeper was stunned silly mistake to Mane scored
Kepa serious mistakes made Mane goal (Image Source: Internet)

Kepa serious mistakes made Mane goal

Chelsea neutralize an attack on the left flank of Liverpool before moving on to Kepa. Just pass the ball to a safe location, but Kepa reluctant handle, let Mane pressed before a passer who Senegalese striker. Mane not miss the opportunity to easily shot increased the lead to 2-0, also the final score.

Kepa had made countless mistakes in the 2019/20 season when there are few times directly making goals, but also possesses the lowest clearance rate in the keeper not only in the Premier League but also in 5 league European top. That led Chelsea goalkeeper rushed Eduoard acquisitions Mendy from Rennes, accept the fact that 72 million pounds paid to Kepa in 2018 was a mistake.