Chelsea have officially completed the deal to buy the striker Timo Werner from Leipzig for £ 47.5 million and Werner expected to be in London from July to prepare for the season 2020/21. Werner is the second contract for next season after Chelsea Ziyech Hakim, bought from Ajax.

Chelsea finished buying Timo Werner service: 2
Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner will move to Chelsea the following season (Image Source: Internet)

Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner will move to Chelsea next season

After only 2 aforementioned transfer for 2 positions in attack, Chelsea have spent a total of 80 million pounds. But they seem will not stop there but will continue to supplement the force, and according to The Mirror (UK), at least there will be two rookies again joined "The Blues" during the summer transfer .

Sources said the reason for this press is because Chelsea have accumulated during the transfer is prohibited, as well as not fully spend a dime after selling Eden Hazard and Álvaro Morata. Boss Roman Abramovich is ready for new investments into their club, and they are even good news when UEFA decided temporarily not to impose too strict fiscal rules.

So Chelsea will buy two players next? The Mirror said as the press has reported before, they will be asked to buy Bayer Leverkusen Havertz Kai and Ben Chilwell of Leicester City with a total value of up to 150 million pounds. Havertz is a complement to the midfield attack but capable of Havertz help him enough rock in almost any position in midfield (including kick back before the defense), while Ben Chilwell is a defender left guard.

Chelsea finished buying Timo Werner service: 2
Chilwell (left) and Havertz two next target of coach Frank Lampard (Image Source: Internet)

Chilwell (left) and Havertz two next target of coach Frank Lampard

However in the 2 players, Chelsea will prioritize Chilwell than by their position is weak, unsatisfactory Emerson also Marcos Alonso or only when attacked and kicked in the diagram 3 defenders. Coach Frank Lampard is expected to use the season 4-3-3 since then and he wanted a good defender but also the stone attack in Scheme 4 defenders, so Chilwell precedence over both.

Besides the purchase Havertz not easy when Leverkusen might shout prices up to 90 million pounds for the star of the German national team, which recently had news Real Madrid have started approaching Havertz. Chelsea aim is to reach soon Havertz while large teams not jump in to avoid escalating prices, but Real have made that intention now of Chelsea difficult to achieve.

But beyond Havertz and Chilwell, Chelsea also available on other targets for prevention. The Mirror says Chelsea will move to Ajax if Nicolas Tagliafico Leicester City to procrastination do Chilwell price, even if no Havertz, Chelsea will ask Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho on loan for the next season.