Due to meet in the FA Cup semi-final, Chelsea and Manchester United played 37 rounds later than Leicester. However, like "flying high", the 2 top teams of England can not win the full 3 points. If West Ham United were held to a draw at home, Chelsea at Anfield 3-5 Sensing defeat.

Charts MU, Chelsea, Leicester hotter fire scenarios how suffocating?
Chelsea lost 3-5 at Anfield (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea lost 3-5 at Anfield

Thus, after 37 rounds closed, the face on the chart has been some disturbance when MU climbed to 3rd place with 63 points the difference +28, Chelsea fell to the No. 4 also 63 points but less about failure goal difference (+13). Leicester, this team fell to No. 5 with 1 less 2 teams stand on.

But clearly the gap between the three teams is extremely fragile and race the Top 4 will certainly only be decided in the last round. Meanwhile, the main focus is the confrontation between Leicester and Manchester United at the Stadio King Power.

In cases resulting from air to win, Manchester United will complete the winning goal in the Champions League next season tickets. But in stark contrast, have to win to Leicester to decide the fate. Hence, it becomes a battle "final" Top 4 paintings in keeping with recent predictions of experts.

In the second closest match, MU is downfall when losing to Chelsea respectively in the FA Cup semi-final and West Ham continue to be a draw. Many pillars of MU as Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire, Anthony Martial is showing signs of distress and looked pretty tired of fighting with dense frequency.

Meanwhile, Leicester though not appreciated by "Reds" have the advantage of playing on home soil. Besides, teachers Brendan Rodgers also has more than 3 days off their opponents. Finally with the mind that must-win, Leicester absolutely can go all out to play a battle of life and death "a loss of a longer" with MU.

So in the worst case happens, MU lost to Leicester, is the opportunity to Top 4 remaining with Solskjaer Army when the season ends?

The answer is yes. If MU is not determined by fate, they will have to wait for the results from Chelsea and Wolves pair. The only condition can help United stay top 4 as "The Blues" to admit defeat. Meanwhile, No. 3 Leicester, United ranked No. 4 and finally Chelsea in 5th position.

Charts MU, Chelsea, Leicester hotter fire scenarios how suffocating?
Leicester have to win MU (Image Source: Internet)

Leicester have to win MU

Even theoretically, to self-determination on the fate of the moment, Chelsea and Manchester United have the advantage over both the air just in the last round was officially won the Champions League tickets.

Meanwhile, the task of Leicester nothing else than to have to win. Although the chance of "flying high" is the lowest but the Premier League immemorial famous containing many surprises, so when the last round will take place not hard to predict anything.