Arsenal was deep in the lower half of the Premier League after the latest defeat before Burnley in the 12th round. The defeat witnessed Arsenal lost him for the Red Card for Granit Xhaka with the opponent's barrier, and Pierre-emerick Aubameyang stone counter home.

Arsenal lost to Burnley made them only more than 5 points

The situation is becoming extremely messy for coach Mikel Arteta. After the joy of the FA Cup championship last season and improved achievements for "Gunners" after this Club fired Unai Emery, Arteta was now being criticized for managing and tactics. Arteta's strategy was criticized that it only included the ball, causing Arsenal to stand in the Prime Minister of the attack efficacy in general, especially the form of the strikers that typically Aubameyang.

The internal management of the Spanishman also became increasingly "Soi", especially after Xhaka's recent red card because not long ago Arsenal also lost him for a hot minute of Nicholas Pepe in the match against Leeds United. Not only that, the London press said Arteta now no longer talked to David Luiz in the past few weeks due to conflict, rumored to start from the Luiz to fight Dani Ceballos on the training ground.

Recently Journalist Daniel Harris of The Guardian revealed a small unit of Arsenal player who wanted to "overthrow" Arteta at all costs. Harris said Arteta was having a favor of a group of players in the team, giving them the main stone regularly in important matches despite bad performance. Some young players are very dissatisfied because they are regularly prepared even though when entering the yard have played better than colleagues in the same position.

Chaos at Arsenal: The group of crabs to overthrow coach Arteta for what excuse?
Arteta is being tried to flip the chair (source: Internet)

Arteta is being sought by a group of Arsenal players

Even sources also argued that some Arsenal players were still in arteta because he did not want to, or as a player outside the group of brokers who were "super stork" Joobrachian. This "super stork" also represents both Arsenal's Edu Sports Director and brought about Arsenal a few players currently being judged to be a high salary but the bad appearance is Willian.

Although the leadership Arsenal was trust Arteta due to what he had shown in the first half of the year, but the "Gunners" showed only more than 5 points after 12 rounds and the performance was unacceptable With a caliber club. Arteta will be given the opportunity to save themselves, but that opportunity will not come forever.